Is Kanye West's Yeeezy Season 4 A Children's Collection? This Rumor Could Be A Joke

No one can question his desire to rewrite the rules of the fashion world, to try things that have never been done, to create fashion-as-art, and to operate off his own script. However, Yeezy Season 4 may be Kanye West's most ambitious undertaking yet, even though he is in the throes of preparing for Season 3 of his fashion line. He issued a tweet that indicates a complete shift in direction. That is, if he was serious, but I am thinking he wasn't. West was tweeting shots of Season 3 pieces during New York Fashion Week fittings, revealing his new Yeezy Boost 1050 boots and outfits that may be inspired or worn by his wife Kim Kardashian. Then he dropped a curious tweet about Season 4.

West tweeted that for Season 4, he will be working on children's clothing full time. At first, I was like, you know, that's not quite so cray cray, since his daughter North West has a closet that most adult fashion girls and Carrie Bradshaw would envy. It's a foregone conclusion that Saint West will also be a male fashion plate when he makes his debut to the world. Kardashian posted a photo of a Ralph Lauren bomber jacket that the designer made expressly for Saint, so he is already on his way.

So West could have children's clothes on the brain. Here is his tweet.

Ah, you know, on second thought, I totally don't think he is serious. The rapper and designer has spent Seasons 1, 2, and 3 developing his Yeezy brand and fighting for respect and status as a player in the fashion world. To take such a drastic left turn and work on kids' clothes full time.... yeah, I don't know about that. It doesn't seem realistic. He could very well create a children's collection — leather onesies or fringed rompers, anyone?— or a few key pieces. But to ditch sportswear totally? Nah.

Here's a look from the Yeezy Season 3 fittings. He's hitting his stride in this category. While luxury kids clothes is a penetrable, big business market, West seems to have found his niche in adult fashions. There's no reason he couldn't eventually design clothing for kids or add them to the range. But I can't think he is serious about completely changing fashion lanes and jamming on the breaks when he is making such forward progress.

West is prone to making grand declarations on Twitter and changing his mind. He tweeted that his album title has morphed from Swish to Waves to So Help Me God and now allegedly to something else he has yet to share.

Here's Saint's custom leather bomber. Maybe Yeezy saw this and is further inspired to create for this category!

All told, I think West's tweet about completely switching to children's clothing was in jest. Or said in an inspired moment of furious creativity, excitement, and ambition while prepping Yeezy Season 3 and its debut.

Bustle reached out to West's reps for comment but have not heard back as of press time.

Images: Kanye West/Twitter (1); Kim Kardashian/Instagram (1)