How Many Grammy's Did David Bowie Win? The Number Will Surprise You

As the world and the music industry are still reeling from the loss of influential pop icon David Bowie, the 58th annual Grammy Awards are gearing up. This year, we're expecting the opportunity to look back at Bowie's career at the Grammys, and to honor him in the form of a tribute sung by Lady Gaga. But, while watching the ceremony, you might also be curious about the amount of Grammys David Bowie won throughout his long and impressive career. Though Bowie was nominated 10 times, he only ever took home one Grammy in 1985, and then, in 2006, he received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Bowie's first nomination was in 1984, where his album Let's Dance was nominated for Album of the Year and "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)" was nominated for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. Unfortunately, he lost to Michael Jackson's Thriller and "Beat It," respectively. The next year, Bowie was given two nominations again, but this time for Best Video, Short Form (later changed to Best Music Video) and again, Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for "Blue Jean." Bowie took home the award for the "Jazzin' For Blue Jean" video, but lost the performance Grammy to Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing In The Dark."

For the next roughly 13 years, Bowie's musical achievements were not recognized by the Grammy awards. Then, in 1998, the artist's Earthling was nominated for Best Alternative Music Performance and "Dead Man Walking" for Best Male Rock Performance. Radiohead's OK Cupid won the alternative nod, and Bob Dylan received the rock performance award for "Cold Irons Bound." In 2001, 2003, and 2004 Bowie was nominated again for Best Male Rock Performance. Unfortunately, the tracks "Thursday's Child", "Slow Burn", and "New Killer Star" were beaten out by Lenny Kravitz, Bruce Springsteen, and Dave Matthews.

The last time Bowie was nominated for a Grammy was in 2014. The Next Day was up for Best Rock Album, but ultimately lost to Celebration Day by Led Zeppelin. Then, "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" was beaten by Imagine Dragons "Radioactive" in the Best Rock Performance category.

This year, the Grammy's will be feeling the absence of the late and legendary David Bowie. Though Bowie only ever took home one Grammy award, his massive influence in the musical world — and on his fans as individuals — will not go unnoticed. To us, he's won so much more.