Don't Hold Your Breath For Kylie Lip Kit Discounts

If you think the Kylie Lip Kits craze is over, think again. Fans who desperately sought to snatch up the latest batch of lippies, and were unsuccessful, are still mourning over what could have been. And for those that did manage to get their hands on the covetable sets are probably just yearning for more. Thankfully, more Lip Kits are coming as soon as this week (!!!), and will supposedly be available on the regular now, according to posts on Kylie Cosmetics' Instagram page. So now that we know they will be stocked on the reg, I can't help but wonder, will Lip Kits by Kylie go on sale? Probably not, although your guess is as good as mine. Bustle has reached out to Kylie's Cosmetics for comment and will update this post if they respond.

Jenner has put up the kits on her makeup website three times now, and there seems to be a recurrent pattern — they sell out each time in just minutes. If people are racing to pay the $29 price plus $8.95 shipping, then why would the beauty guru want to lower her prices? Actually, fans are paying as much as $500 for the kits on third party sellers like eBay — someone even dropped a cool $10K for just a single kit. If customers are willing to shell out thousands of dollars for these babies, why would they go on sale? The only way I can see the kits being sold at a discount is if the demand decreases when they become regularly available, but I seriously doubt that will happen. Let's just say Jenner's makeup fans are really die-hard.

Guess we'll just have to keep a close eye on the site and check the prices on the next batch of Lip Kits.

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