How Did Kimmy Gibbler Move In With D.J. In 'Fuller House'? The Trailer Makes It Seem Way Too Easy — VIDEO

This year is an important year for Full House fans, because a Netflix revival is on its way. The full-length Fuller House trailer we've been waiting for since practically — oh, I don't know, forever — has finally debuted, and it's full of everything you would have ever wanted and more. But the trailer, which premiered on The Ellen Show, did leave me asking some necessary and important questions. Namely, how did Kimmy Gibbler move in with D.J.? I don't know about you, but I can't just put my whole life on pause to move in with a friend right away, no matter how much they need me.

In the first few moments of the trailer, we see the full gang (minus Michelle) back at the old faithful kitchen table. When everyone's getting ready to leave, D.J. goes upstairs to check on one of her sons, but forgets to turn the baby monitor off. When she explains her life woes of being alone to her infant son, everyone overhears, and that's when Stephanie and Kimmy Gibbler decide to follow in the foot steps of Uncle Joey and Jesse. That is, they decide to move in.

But, wait. Kimmy Gibbler has a daughter, and presumably a life. What makes her so able to just up and leave whatever she's doing? She's going to just move in with her widowed BFF and raise three sons? That's not how real life works. This may or may not continue to keep me up at night, so let's discuss some possibilities. There has to be an answer here.

1. Kimmy Never Moved Out Of The House Next Door

This one seems to be the realest possibility. Kimmy decided to not leave because she couldn't part ways with the nostalgia of her youth. Her parents moved out (or not, no judgement), and she began raising her daughter in the house she also grew up in. This would make the move into the Tanner home pretty damn easy.

2. She Inherited Money

Maybe her parents recently passed away — or a great-aunt or second cousin — and left her with a considerable amount of funds so she doesn't have to worry about working/has time to help mother three new children.

3. She's Been Saving For This Moment

Or somewhere in the back of Kimmy's mind, she knew this day would come. Knew that at some point, instead of forcing herself into the Tanner household for short visits, she would force herself into one, long, never-ending visit (living there.) So she saved up everything she ever made, and now it's finally working to her advantage.

4. She Has A Flexible Job

After watching the trailer, I believe "Dance Instructor" seems to be the most reasonable guess re: Kimmy's occupation. That, or "The Gibbler Gazette" finally took off.

5. She Up And Quit Everything

Maybe she doesn't have the kind of life that enables her to move in with D.J., hassle-free. Maybe she had a really good job outside of San Francisco, but saw her friend in need, and knew she had to be there, regardless of how difficult it was going to be. Guys! Friendship goals, amIright?

Whatever the case, we're just glad to have you back Kimmy. Check out the Gibbler in all her glory below.

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