11 Things 'Fuller House' Needs To Do To Please Dedicated 'Full House' Fans

Friends, family, loved ones, John Stamos aficionados. This one's for you. Ever since we heard news that the Tanner family would be back on our TV screens in 2016 thanks to the new Netflix revival Fuller House, we've been anxiously awaiting its debut. A reprisal of the show that both defined '90s culture and taught us how important it was to have your own catchphrase? A show that put both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on the map? How could anyone ever not be hopeful about a show like that coming back? There's just one caveat. Fuller House has some massive, Danny Tanner size shoes to fill, come its premiere. Any true Full House fan would be lying if they told you they weren't at least a little concerned about the reboot. (Excited, but concerned.) How will a show that's been off air for 21 years — with such a loyal fan base and deeply imbued spot in the sitcom zeitgeist — please its viewers? Or better yet, can it? The jury's still out on this one — and we won't know, of course, until Fuller House hits Netflix in February. The only thing we, as diligent fans of the show, can do in the interim is hope that Fuller House does the following.

1. Stick With What It Knows Best

What ever happened to be predictability? (Hint: we'd like some.) Clearly, the pull for Fuller House is the nostalgia. It's been that way from the get-go. If the show tries to do something drastically different, it might lose some of its most ardent fans.

2. Reference The Original

In that same vein, fans are all expecting to be rewarded for their dedication. As in, we're all expecting little winks, nods, and shout outs to our favorite moments from Full House.

3. Have A Lighthearted Tone

The team behind Fuller House shouldn't try to do something too serious or dramatic. Like its predecessor, Fuller House should be a fun and light family show, whose dramatic moments are used to impact a lesson onto its impressionable viewers.

4. Provide Family-Friendly Content

As we've all grown up, it's true that our tastes for edgy and racy TV have increased, but this is Full House. It's meant to be watched with your family.

5. Give Us Some Comic Relief

Kimmy Gibbler will be there, so fingers crossed.

6. Air "Special" Episodes

Every so often, Full House would put out a "so bad it's good" special episode with a not-so-hidden, instructive message. Whether it's about peer pressure, eating disorders, or Alzheimers, I'm expecting Fuller House to bring us at least one "special" episode.

7. Have Likable Kids

Will the new children be adorable and precocious enough to hold our attention the way Michelle, Stephanie, and D.J. did? Praying.

8. Create A D.J./Steve Reunion

I dare you to find a single Full House fan that would be mad at this.

9. Show Us A Love Story

If it's not D.J. and Steve, then can we at least get a Jesse and Becky type of saga going? Between someone?

10. Show Us How Danny, Jesse, And Joey's Friendship Has Evolved

Are they still the same old buds? I can't imagine that their love for one another would have subsided over the years.

11. Make The New Dog Related To Comet

The house's new Golden Retriever should absolutely be a descendant of Comet. (Sidebar: we also need to know that Comet died in peace. If he happens to be buried next to Michelle's fish, Martin, well then, that would just be perfect.)

Alright, Fuller House. You have quite the job ahead of you. Let's see what you can do.

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