Taylor Swift's Behind-The Scenes "Out Of The Woods" Video Makes Her Seem That Much More Relatable — VIDEO

Taylor Swift has a job. She has a serious relationship with her cats. She has been in a few bad relationships. She is just an ordinary girl like you or I. She proves this when she takes us behind-the-scenes of the "Out of the Woods" music video. In this exclusive look, Swift partakes in activities like any normal girl would: gets excited about the work of various members of crew, imitates security guards, and looks very cold and uncomfortable (you would too if you were covered with the same odd liquids this girl found herself sopped in). She also chills with trained wolves — you know, normal girl in her 20s kinda stuff.

It is nice to see a side of the pop singer we don't often see. We see her performer side in shows, we get to see her fangirl side every now and again, but it's nice to her professional side. This is the side that will work her hardest to provide cool music videos for her fans. I appreciate the heck out of that side. T. Swift is a normal girl who's just trying to make her way in the world and do good works (one way or the other), just like you or I. The following are the ways Taylor showed in the video that she is just like you and me. Really! Maybe!

1. She Gets To Travel For Work

Just like your work trip to Annapolis, Maryland for that conference in the Hilton.

2. She Is Appreciative Of Co-Workers

Taylor Swift has to be nice to people she works with too. She has to be appreciative of people who work for and with her. And, even if she didn't have to, I'm sure she wants to.

3. She Can Get Goofy

Just like you. Except her goofiness gets captured on camera, which may or may not be a thing that interests you.

4. She Gets Chilly

Just like you do when you're wearing a nightgown in a swamp.

5. But Stays Stoic

There's no way it was not freezing, but you can't tell what with the way that girl is keeping her poise. Like I would. Maybe. Probably? Maybe.

6. She Likes To Chill With Dogs

Who doesn't like a good fluffy pup to sit near? Most of the time, I'm not sitting around wolf-pups, but, hey, let's not get into species arguments here.

7. She Just Wants To Take A Nap Somewhere Warm

I can identify with that.

So you see, Taylor Swift is just like one of us! A girl on the job, like any other. A girl just trying to do her best so she can make more money and feel fulfilled. Sure, her hours are a little different, and she has to make dramatic eyes with a camera for extensive takes, but there are definitely similarities with my life. Probably. Maybe? Probably.

Check out the video below.

Images: TaylorSwiftVEVO/YouTube (8)