The "A" Game Is Alive & Well On 'PLL'

by Christine DiStasio

We still don't know what Sara Harvey's up to, exactly, but "Do Not Disturb" made it pretty clear that she's 100 percent as shady as we think. After admitting to not eating brunch (WTF?), Tuesday night's episode revealed what might be Charlotte's Radley lair on Pretty Little Liarsthrough a gigantic hole in the wall in the room Sara Harvey is staying in at the Radley. Of course. But wouldn't the people who remodeled the former sanitarium have noticed this during construction?

Team Sparia took on the mystery that is Sara Harvey and, even though I question Aria's decision to explore on her own, we might actually be a step closer to what she's actually doing creeping around Rosewood. After breaking into her hotel room at the Radley, Spencer found a map of the old Radley and current, hotel Radley that showed that the room Sara's staying in is the same room Charlotte lived in while she was in Radley as a child. Obviously, that's not a coincidence. And the gigantic hole in the closet wall, leading to a long ladder, is probably the reason why Sara is refusing maid service. I can't imagine it being easy to explain that to hotel management.

But what's actually at the bottom of the ladder? Tuesday's episode didn't reveal what Aria found after her climb, but if it's practically connected to Charlotte's old room, it definitely has something to do with either the former "A" mystery or the current Big Bad situation in Rosewood. And it 100 percent confirms all of our suspicions that Sara Harvey is up to something.

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Image: Ron Tom/Freeform