Is Kylie Jenner's Wrist Tattoo Real? This Could Be Her Boldest Ink Yet — VIDEO

You never know what this girl will do next. Kylie Jenner reportedly has a new arm tattoo, according to her Snapchat, and if it's true, this one won't be easy to hide. There's no news on what Jenner may have tattooed on her arm, but there's also no doubt in my mind that it would be as simple and cryptic as the rest of her ink. Hopefully the social media star shows it off soon, because I'm dying to see if she really went through with lucky number three.

With her busy schedule and so much success going on right now, it only makes sense that she'd want to remember this moment forever. Odds are that she wouldn't bring in a tattoo artist for no reason at all, so it'd have to be real, right? Between her co-creating a clothing line with her sister, selling out yet another Lip Kit collection in less than minutes, and working on even more beauty products, this tattoo could symbolize just about anything.

Although it's not clear exactly if the ink is permanent or what design she got, what is clear is that it appears larger than her other tattoos and is in a place where she can't hide it so easily — smack dab on her forearm. In the video, the ink also looks red, which isn't the most subtle color.

It only made sense that Jenner was Snapchatting throughout the alleged tat session, since she posts about just about everything else. After her first video showing where the tattoo reportedly was, she shared another of her wincing in pain — more evidence that it might be real! Hopefully she'll show off the final result too!

Bustle has reached out to Jenner's rep for comment and will update if they respond.

Jenner's other two reported tattoos are hidden so well that her fans might not ever have known they existed if it wasn't for her Snaps. She reportedly has a small red heart on the back of her upper arm, allegedly meant to symbolize all the love in her life, according to Mirror.

She also got a hip tattoo, which she first teased on Snapchat and then posted to Instagram. The tiny tattoo means "sanity."

From the looks (and sounds) of it, this could be her largest tattoo yet. If this isn't real, then she's got all of her followers fooled.