10 Tricks to Getting Kardashian-Length Lashes

The last few decades have brought us a whole lot of bizarre makeup trends. The '80s showed us that your forehead apparently deserves blush, and it should blend right down into your cheekbones as if a severe sunburn was somehow confined to either sides of your face). The ‘90s brought us lipliner. Oh, good old lipliner. How did I ever find my lips without you? But if you're looking for the trends that have ruled the past several years, there's no better inspiration than the Kardashian sisters. How do you get Kim Kardashian's lashes, Kylie's lips, or Khloe's contour? It's a never-ending quest.

Throughout these constantly-shifting cosmetic movements, one of these trends has held firm. Big, beautiful eyelashes have never gone out of style, and the Kardashians have become the head of the big-eyelash movement for this decade.

As well as having a massive television and media presence, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian (as well as youngest sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner) are extremely influential in the makeup and cosmetics scene. They have their own lines of cosmetics and bring attention to their personal makeup artists, from Mario Dedivanovic to Joyce Bonelli. And, thank all that is good in this world, this group of lash enthusiasts have been very charitable with their tips and tricks.

1. Apply Individual Falsies For A Natural Look

Ardell Duralash Naturals Individual Lashes, $10, Amazon

Kim herself swears by these natural-looking eyelashes by Ardell. In fact, she recently posted a video on her personal page in which makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic showed us how to apply them. These lashes are her go-to because they’re individual, so they look and feel significantly more natural than full lash strips. The best part? If applied correctly, these can stay put for days, according to some users. With all that time you’re saving, you can actually sit in a chair while drinking your morning coffee.

2. Use This Reliable Black Adhesive For Fuller Lashes

Duo Eyelash Adhesive in Dark, $8, Amazon

What use are eyelashes without a great adhesive? This Duo Eyelash Adhesive is awesome because it flat-out holds. It’s great for all-day wear, but also doesn’t damage your lashes during removal. Dedivanovic says he uses this glue in particular for Kim, because “it dries black, rather than white,” so it accentuates the lash line to create a fuller and more dramatic look.

3. Simplify Application With This Convenient Tool

False Eyelash Stainless Extension Tool, $2, Amazon

Applying fake lashes can be a bit tricky, but Dedivanovic had nothing but good things to say in his Snapchat about this False Eyelash Extension Tool. “I love this tool right here,” he said, and everyone else agrees. This tool makes the whole application process go a lot smoother, and it won’t crimp your fake lashes the way a pair of tweezers will.

4. Nourish Your Natural Eyelashes

Infinite Lash Serum, $65, Amazon

Kim might be big into her falsies, but that doesn’t mean she ignores her natural ones. She revealed in an Instagram post that she uses Infinite Lash Eyelash Serum to stimulate all-natural growth, and she’s absolutely “in love!” This serum uses a formula of minerals and conditioners to hydrate, thicken, and strengthen your lashes, and unlike other brands out there, it’s gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

5. Curl All – Not Just Some

Surrat Relevée Lash Curler, $54, Amazon

Adding curl is everything when you’re looking for even more eye drama. Last summer, Dedivanovic hosted a makeup masterclass in which he listed every tool in the Kardashians’ makeup bag, and this Relevée Lash Curler was one of them. It’s got a deep curve to it that catches all of your lashes, and best of all, no pinching — which, next to childbirth, might be one of the most genuinely excruciating things a woman endures in her lifetime.

6. Emphasize Your Lashes With This Resilient Eyeliner

M.A.C. Liquidlast Liner, $30, Amazon

Also on the aforementioned list, we find M.A.C. Liquid Eyeliner. This particular liner is waterproof, and by "water," I’m talking all forms — sweat, humidity, tears, you name it. It’s super-black so your lash line appears thicker and more pronounced, and this brand won’t flake off with eyeshadow, either.

7. Create The Dramatic Backdrop For Your Lashes

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette, $80, Amazon

Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadows are a must-have for Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney. In fact, three different color palettes made their list of cosmetic necessities, and there are countless reasons why. These eyeshadows are soft on the skin and don’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all, but the colors are vibrant, versatile, and just the thing to make your eyelashes really pop with contrast.

8. Add Volume With This Great Mascara

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous, $6, Amazon

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Kardashian make-up artist Joyce Bonelli revealed that L’Oreal Voluminous is one of her favorite mascaras. Bonelli says, “It’s all about the eyes,” and this mascara thickens lashes without clumping and without flaking. It’s a No. 1 best-seller in the mascara department, and it's widely considered the best mascara that L’Oreal has ever come out with.

9. Use Kim's Signature Eye Shimmer to Set off Lashes

Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick, $45, Amazon

Kim always has a twinkle in her eye, and now you can buy it yourself. Before perfecting those lashes, brighten your eyes with this 2-in-1 illuminating eyeliner and creamy shadow duo. This buildable formula easily mixes with other shadows or holds its own, and it's infused with Alpine snow water to give lids a refreshing dose of hydration.

10. Use This Lash-Building Formula Mascara

Lancôme Définicils High Definition Mascara , $35, Amazon

Finally, if you’re looking for a faux-lash look, but want to avoid the whole application ordeal, another one of Kim's favorite mascaras is Lancôme Définicils High Definition Mascara, according to Into the Gloss. Made with carefully selected polymers, the grooved brush extends lashes way past their actual length, and it does so while keeping them soft and velvety. (Pro Tip: Try layering with different mascaras for an even bigger look.)

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