18 Gifts For Kardashian Fans, Because Keeping Up Is Not Enough

You may not be a Kardashian by blood, but you more than make up for it in spirit. You've always got the reality show (and its few thousand spin-offs) on replay, and you're actually the first one to comment "First!" on each of Kylie Jenner's selfies and own all her fave beauty products. You better believe you were live streaming Kendall Jenner's first runway debut in 2014 at the Marc Jacobs Ready-to-Wear show, and you're already positive that Kocktails with Khloé will be the best talk show of all time. Point is, you're practically an adopted member of the family by now. So you need the best Kardashian swag to truly keep up with them.

It makes sense that your selfless levels of dedication take on physical manifestations: aka socks, books, hats, and anything else the Kardashians have bequeathed with their gold "K" stamp of approval. After all, how is America's royal family supposed to recognize you when you're out and about? At the very least, you should always have Kardashian-themed products on you for your own sanity.

While Kylie's unparalleled ability to lip-sync trendy rap songs ceased to surprise you somewhere around Snapchat Hour 253 (even if the fascination is still 100-percent there), you'll be surprised and delighted at the wide array of Kardashian goodies that occupy the universe. Ahead, 18 picks that belong within arm's reach of every Kardashian fan.

Kim's Book of Selfies

Kim Kardashian Selfish , $13, Amazon

Admittedly, most true Kardashian devotees likely have this literary conversation piece perched upon their coffee tables already. But do your friends? Kardashian obsessed or not, this easy-on-the-eyes read is a cool classic in its own time. Purveyor of all-things-girl power Lena Dunham captioned her own selfie with the book: "I support experiments in female identity exploration." Explore away!

Kylie-Worthy Leggings

Adidas Performance Leggings , $30, Amazon

The youngest family member has an affinity for athleisure wear, especially of the Adidas variety. Show you're cool like Kylie with a pair of logo leggings all for yourself.

Kendall's Geek Chic Frames

TIJN Vintage Eyewear , $19, Amazon

Remember those amazing round specs Kendall sported way back when? Cop her look with a pair all your own. You may be on your way to the grocery story instead of a runway debut, but no one will ever know the difference.

Kylie-esque Talons

Ejiubas Color Changing Nail Tips , $13, Amazon

Why do long, pointy-tip nails look so good on Kylie? It's tough to say, but it's definitely easy to replicate. Get your nail game back to where it should be with a set of tips that change color.

Kim Kardashian Phone Cover

Kim Kardashian Crying Design Cover , $15, Amazon

This iPhone 6 cover is shock-resistant, which is great, considering the onslaught of obsession you'll receive when your friends see your sweet new phone case. Lightweight but still durable, show that your support for Kim is unwavering, no matter the emotional state in which she may find herself.

Kardashian Sunless Lotion

Kardashian Instant Sunless Lotion , $19, Amazon

Always envied that sunkissed glow rocked by the Kardashian siblings, but find yourself closer to Polar Vortex City than Calabasas, California? No worries! This self tanner is your saving grace. Free of orange tones and light enough to use every week, just exfoliate, apply, and wait for the flattering comments to start flooding your Insta feed.

Kylie-Worthy Hair Color

Sugar Streak Hair Color , $15, Amazon

If Kylie doesn't settle for natural hair color, then why should you? When clip-in hair or wigs aren't your thing, you can temporarily turn your locks into those gorgeous aqua tresses Kylie made famous.

Yeezus Shirt

Yeezus Tour Shirt , $40, Amazon

Did you actually go to a Kanye West concert? Maybe not, but a Yeezus shirt shows you've got nothing but love for one of our generation's great artists and the husband of Kim Kardashian. Plus, you know the rapper-slash-fashion designer put that much more thought into his T-shirt designs. Meaning? This shirt not only displays your musical preferences, it's also most likely one of the best-looking music shirts out there. #YeezyForPresident

Kardashian Hair Spray

Kardashian Beauty Pure Glitz Hair Spray , $11, Amazon

Train your tresses into staying put with a few spritzes of this Kardashian Beauty hairspray. Users laude the generous bottle size, its fine (but powerful) mist, and fantastic scent.

Kim Kardashian Crying Face Shirt

Kim Kardashian Crying Face Shirt , $20, Amazon

Statement shirts don't get much better than this. Upset you still haven't snapped up Lip Kit by Kylie? Too many days between fresh episodes of KUWTK? Can't believe Kendall isn't 'gramming daily yet? Express yourself the way only Kim Kardashian's crying really face can.

Kylie's Vamp Lipstick

Lime Crime Velvetines, $20, Amazon

Let's be honest: Dark toned lipsticks have their second life, thanks to the Kardashians. Whether you prefer a deep chocolate brown or blood red shade, the killer lip look is always a winner.

Kim's Mega Lash Look

Ardell Duralash Lashes (Medium), $11, Amazon

Want that doe-eyed, high drama look? Kim Kardashian's makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, says Ardell is his drugstore go-to when it comes to crafting the starlet's famed look. Lash out yourself with a 56-count set.

Caitlyn Jenner Shirt

Caitlyn Jenner: You Go Girl! Shirt , $22, Amazon

This eco-conscious shirt is just the high five you need to get up and face the day. Plus, its uplifting message is destined to encourage all you meet along your way, too!

Kardashian Nail Polish

Kardashian Kolor Nail Lacquer , $9, Amazon

If you gravitate toward darker nail colors, this OPI four pack is bound to be your favorite beauty buy yet. In colors like "Follow Me on Glitter" and "My Empire...My Rules," you're about to harness the power of the famous fam right at your fingertips.

Kardashian-Approved Cookbook

In the Kitchen with Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites , $17, Amazon

Who doesn't want to feast like a Kardashian? Take a few tips from the ultimate momager maven, and treat yourself and your pals to nearly 70 different Kardashian-Jenner family recipes. Plus: Kris shares quite a few decorating tips about how to make your table setting game absolutely divine.

Khloe's Fitness Book

Strong Looks Better Naked , $17, Amazon

Beyond exercise workouts, which are also provided in full, Khloé discusses the importance of strong mental health and confidence when tackling self-acceptance. Bonus: The book's cover folds out into a poster of Khloé. She literally thought of everything.

Kendall Jenner Umbrella

Kendall Jenner Umbrella , $22, Amazon

This umbrella printed with Kendall Jenner's angelic face is seriously the silver lining in any rainy day cloud. Bring on the thunder, bring on the snow — with the model's come-hither look gazing down on you through the downpour, you'll be singing and dancing in no time.

Arthur George by Rob Kardashian Socks

Stay Trill Socks , $8, Amazon

While the Kardashian siblings have no shortage of beauty products on the market, you can't forget about Rob's exploits in the footwear scene. With confidence-boosting slogans like "Stay Trill," "Hot Mama," and "MILF," you'll definitely find a pair suited for every Kardashian fan in your life.

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