8 Photos From 'Fuller House' To Get You Excited

I've never claimed to be a particularly patient person, but I'm just about at my wit's end waiting to be re-introduced to our friends in the Tanner Family, and I need something to take my mind off the fact that it's not Feb. 26 yet. And here to do that job for me? A series of new photos from Fuller House , that Netflix has so graciously provided, to keep me from scraping all the paint off the walls. Ideally. I can't promise that I can leave your wallpaper alone, but I'll try to sit on my hands and look at these photos like a nice girl.

Luckily for me — and for your decorating budget — these photos cover a lot of ground, giving us multiple glimpses of each character, which is huge. After all, I've already squeezed every last piece of meaning out of one of the original stills we got of the cast, analyzing their dynamics, so I needed another big project to put my mind to. And this one is perfect, because there are like 50 photos for me to scroll through and assign meaning to. That should keep me occupied for a full day or so, before I'll be back and jonesing for the first episode. So, whether you've bitten your fingernails to the nubs waiting for the full season to drop on Netflix or not, please take a look at these photos, for my sake; I need all the support I can get to help me through this trying time.

1. Hello Smooches!

2. Love Seeing How The Family Has Expanded

3. Need Someone To Hold Me Like This While I Wait For Season 1

4. I Smell Drama

5. Imagine Watching This Live? I Would Poop My Pants

6. Three Blondies And A Baby

7. An Adorable Look Behind The Scenes

8. Deep Talks

All right, my breathing has regulated a little bit, and I should be fine. For a while, anyway.

Image: Netflix