This Political Party Loves Outdoor Sex

With it being an election year, it’s hard not to think about politics affects sex and dating. Because that’s the case, a new survey has found that Republicans and Democrats have very different ideas about everything,including music tastes, first dates, religion, and even where they're having sex.

The survey by dating app Clover analyzed the data of roughly 700,000 users, ages 18 to 65, and found that political affiliation really determines so much when it comes to sex and relationships. While this doesn’t mean that people with opposing views can’t date or find love ― I mean, just look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was a Republican, and Maria Shriver, who was a Democrat ― it does mean it can be tricky. Although this particular couple was married for over two decades, and when it did come to an end, it wasn't even over politics, but Schwarzenegger’s infidelity.

What I’m saying is that, despite your political differences, you can find love. And maybe this Valentine’s Day is the day to open your heart up to the other side. But, before you do, here are seven things you should know about what it's like to date a democrat versus what it's like to date a republican:

1. Democrats Are More Likely To Give The Gift Of Weed

With two times more Democrats smoking weed than Republicans, it’s probably a safe bet that in dating a liberal you might just get a dime bag for Valentine’s Day or your next birthday. Considering the health benefits of smoking weed, this may not be a bad thing. It’s probably even better for you than pushing back several martinis.

2. Expect A Republican To Take You To A Firing Range At Some Point

Nothing says, “We’re meant for each other,” quite like heading to the firing range with your favorite Glock 47 and playing target practice, right? For Republicans this sounds like a swell idea, because they’re two times more likely to shoot a gun than a Democrat.

3. Democrats Probably Want To Take You To A Hip Hop Concert

While Republicans are 55 percent more likely to listen to country music than Democrats, Democrats are 23 percent more likely to listen to hip hop than Republicans. If your love is crossing political lines, you could technically make a night of it by hitting up a country music concert then a hip hop music concert. I hear that Tim McGraw back-to-back with Jay-Z can actually be an enlightening experience.

4. Republicans Are Definitely More Concerned About Your Stance On Religion

Although many agree that talking religion on a first date is rarely a good idea, Republicans probably want that covered before you even get to a second date. Why? Because Republicans are a whopping 200 percent more religious than Democrats. That one, right there, might create a bit of an issue.

5. Democrats Like To Start With Coffee Dates

According to the survey, Democrats meet for coffee dates 17 percent more than Republicans. Although who says you can’t get some coffee before hitting up the firing range? Just as long as you don’t over-caffeinate, of course. No one wants to be too quick on the trigger.

6. Republicans Really Love Their Outdoor Sex

For a political group that seems so conservative, Republicans are 50 percent more likely to have sex outdoors than Democrats. Yes, Republicans like to roll around in the grass of a public park ― before they close it down to put up high-rise buildings. I guess we know where we can find Trump and Melania on the weekends.

7. Democrats Actually Might Skip The Date All Together And Get To The Good Stuff

After some weed and some Kanye on the speakers, it just might be time to skip dinner and have sex. According to the survey, Democrats are 30 percent more likely than Republicans to have casual sex. And why not? There are benefits to a one-night stand, and jumping into bed early on can definitely break any first date awkwardness.

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