Demi Lovato Goes Makeup Free For Every Occasion

There's a reason this singer has a song called "Confident" — because that's exactly what she is! According to an Instagram post, Demi Lovato went makeup free on a date with boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, and the reason why is probably the cutest thing you'll hear all day.

This singer is no stranger to body positivity, but she just solidified her self-love in the best way possible. Normally when you see celebrities post about their date nights, they look like they're going to red carpet events, but not Lovato. The 23-year-old sported a fresh face during her candlelit dinner with Valderrama, because that's when he thinks she most beautiful, according to her Instagram caption. Aw how sweet!

Lovato looked happy and confident on what she called her "super romantic date." As fabulous as her Lovatics by Demi Lovato makeup line with NYC is, it's nice to see her skip the makeup and just be herself every once in awhile, too. It's even more fabulous that her boyfriend appreciates her fresh-faced as much as her makeup skills — and, let's face it, that's really how it should be. Everyone would do well to remember that as Valentine's Day approaches.

Isn't this the best "No Makeup Monday" post you've ever seen? They both looks so cute and comfortable.

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5. Patchology's Illuminating Face Mask

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Your makeup-free moment will be just as good as Lovato's with these skin pick-me-ups!

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