Katie Rost's Net Worth Is Impressive

The Real Housewives of Potomac stars all pillars of their local community, and have merit beyond their status as Real Housewives, but they also happen to have a lot of money which definitely doesn't hurt their Real Housewives status. I mean, they have a lotta cash. The net worths of the Real Housewives of Potomac stars combined total an estimated $15 million, which is no surprise considering that, according to Bloomberg Business, Potomac is one of the wealthiest counties in America, and the average net worth in Potomac County is over a million. Still, all of the Housewives make well above that average, and, RHOP star Katie Rost's net worth is definitely one of those substantial numbers. But, it's far from the only thing going well in her life or the only thing worth talking about.

According to The Net Worth, Katie is worth $3.2 million dollars, which is about double Potomac's average household net worth. But, Katie's bank account isn't the only reason she's been picked to be a Real Housewife this season, though. Her monetary value may be an easy way to place her "worth" into numbers, but Katie has a lot more going on in her life than just her finances.

She Was A Model

According to Katie's LinkedIn, she worked as a model for 15 years. The average salary for a fashion model working in New York City is almost $80,000, according to Glassdoor, which is a lot of money over a decade and a half of work. Although she has a knack for modeling, the single mom is putting that part of her life aside to focus on raising her children, according to Washington Life. "I’ve been blessed to see so much of the world and to have had so many diverse experiences as a professional model," she told the magazine. "But, I have to say it’s really great finally being back in the DC area raising my three kids ... There’s no chance I’ll ever wake up with a hangover here."

RHOP Is A Return To Television For Katie

In addition to her work as a model, Katie previously worked as a television presenter. One of her most visible projects, according to Bravo, was the "Katie Rost's Celebrity Hookup" segment on the show Direct Access with Big Tigger where she covered celebrity gossip.

She Works In Philanthropy & Dedicates Her Efforts To Her Father

Katie's father passed away in 2000, and, in the 16 years since, Katie has worked with her family to create and maintain the Ronald F. Rost Foundation in his name. According to its website, the Rost Foundation helps raise funds for community organizations with the mission of providing children assistance in exploring extracurricular activities. As Katie wrote on the foundation's website:

My father would love nothing more than to spend eternity watching kids slide down a ski slope for the first time, learn the awesome sensation of riding a horse through an open field or learn how to appreciate and commune with nature. All children should have the opportunity to have these wondrous experiences.

While there's certainly not a lot of money in running a charity organization, it shows that the Real Housewife likely believes that because she's fortunate enough to be well-off, she should use her money and efforts to also help others.

Katie has spent her life as a hard worker and a generous community figure. Her work as a model helped her provide an illustrious life for herself, her children, and many children in her community through her philanthropic efforts. Katie's net worth may be an estimated $3.2 million, but there's no way to place a price on making other people happy — and it seems that she knows that.