'Bachelor' Star Amanda Uses Instagram To Show Off Her Fun Life & Adorable Daughters

Though The Bachelor is definitely ramping up the drama leaving Olivia on an island and seeing Leah go rogue on Lauren B., for example, I'm glad to see that Bachelor contestant Amanda Stanton made it through all of the chaos. The single mother of two is adorable and clearly cares for Ben, and I respect her for continually keeping a low profile despite being personally victimized by Olivia's Teen Mom slight. For now, she's still in the race for Ben's heart, but she hasn't been in the spotlight as much as some of the other women. So, time to get to know her a little better the best way possible: Via social media. Amanda's Instagram post-Bachelor reveals a lot about her everyday life after filming ended.

From the looks of it, she certainly hasn't slowed down one bit since throwing herself in the mix of The Bachelor. The 25-year-old seems to be doing a lot of brunching, beaching, and bachelorette parties — just the average life of a gal living in southern California. In addition to all of the fun social shots, Amanda's Instagram includes plenty of pics of her cute daughters, Kinsley and Charlie. See what she's been up to post-show below:

She's Been Loving The Beach

One of the benefits of living in southern California is that hitting the beach is as normal as breathing. Amanda certainly doesn't hold back with her coastal appreciation, and neither would I, if I lived there.

She's Been Having Her Fair Share Of Fun

Amanda seems like she is quite the social butterfly. From Shania Twain concerts to a battalion of bachelorette party photos, it seems like this lady is not wanting in the friend department. No surprises there considering she's super nice.

She's Been Doing Some Shameless Self-Promotion

Whether this is a hint that she ends up with Ben, or that she just really wants her fans to support her through the series, there's no telling. All I know is that they look really cute together in front of that hot air balloon, y'all.

She's Been Spending Time With Her Daughters.

About 76 percent of Amanda's Instagram is photos of her two young daughters, and I don't blame her one bit. If those were my kids, I would never stop taking pictures of them — they are just too cute for words. Amanda looks as though she's a really hands-on and awesome mother, too!

Though Amanda's fate on The Bachelor rests in Ben's hands, it seems as though she's doing just fine no matter the outcome.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC