LuAnn's Already Started Thinking About Her Wedding

by Marenah Dobin

I cannot believe that my girl Luann de Lesseps is getting married again. Of course, I'm gonna miss seeing single LuAnn out on the prowl during Real Housewives of New York City episodes, but I can deal with it. Now I'm just happy for Lu and I'm excited to hear all about the wedding. I'm hoping we get to see some of the plans play out on TV! Knowing her, she is on top of all the details and has already started planning and deciding on the special aspects to include in a big Countess wedding. I wonder who LuAnn is going to invite to celebrate her nuptials. Clearly, I have so many questions, but before I start fussing over the details, I am curious about some main factors like location. Where is LuAnn de Lesseps going to get married? Has she even decided yet? I mean, she did only just get engaged at the beginning of February.

Well, as you can expect, LuAnn already knows what she wants when it comes to her wedding with her future husband Thomas D’Agostino. Lu is not messing around. I mean, she already talked about getting married to Thomas before she was even engaged, so I bet she's been pondering this wedding location for a little while.

LuAnn and Thomas had a joint interview with Page Six to discuss the big engagement news. And it's no shock that they not only have location ideas, but that the couple already has a date in mind. They are aiming to tie the knot next New Year's Eve and are contemplating having the event in New York City or Palm Beach, Florida. Narrowing it down to these two locations makes a lot of sense since these are the two places where Thomas has apartments and the couple has already made a bunch of memories in both spots.

So which place are they going to choose? I, sadly, do not have that inside information, but I do have some opinions on how each location would affect different aspects of the wedding.

The Guests

Obviously, LuAnn runs New York City, so she would have a million and a half friends to invite if that's where the couple chose to to tie the knot. On the other hand, Palm Beach is not exactly local, so this means that there's a good chance not everyone would be able to make the event. This could make the wedding more intimate with just the people who really want to be there, but there is also a possibility that some key players won't be able to attend.

The Weather

I'm sure that a winter wedding in New York would be beautiful. But New York in the winter is no joke. It is going to be so cold and the weather will affect the wedding location, outfits, and other aspects. In theory, Palm Beach would have some nice warm weather. At the very least, it would be warmer than New York and could double as a vacation spot for guests.

The Clothes

If LuAnn decides to marry in New York City, she can add some winter accessories to her look and to the wedding party outfits. Imagine LuAnn rocking some sort of white fur. She would look so elegant! In Palm Beach, LuAnn wouldn't have to worry about freezing to death and could wear pretty much whatever she wants.

The Event Duration

Clearly, New York City is the easier place for the Real Housewives squad to attend. They are all such busy ladies, especially during the holiday season, so this would be a logical choice. If the wedding is in Palm Beach, I imagine that it would be a multi-day event since people have to hop on a plane to get there. Plus, we all know how much Bravo loves turning a vacation into a multi-episode story arc. Palm Beach means more celebration time, but New York City is probably more feasible for her guests.

Decisions. Decisions. Thankfully, LuAnn has many months to make the final call. No matter what she chooses, I'm sure it will be an event to remember. Meanwhile, I'll just continue praying that all aspects of this wedding are televised so I can feel like I am a part of it, too.