I Made Countess LuAnn's Wedding Guest List For Her

I still cannot believe that LuAnn de Lesseps is engaged. I feel like it kind of came out of nowhere! I was all about her living the single life and mixing things up with different dudes like she did on Real Housewives of New York City's most recent season, but I guess she's ready to settle down. That said, I am excited that this means there's a good chance the wedding will air on Bravo. If the countess is not going to be wildly single, then I want an over-the-top wedding to make up for it. So, who is LuAnn going to to invite when she marries Thomas D'Agostino Jr.? Well, I have some ideas about who should and shouldn't be on the list. It's not like I know LuAnn or anything, but I do have her best interests at heart, so she can definitely trust my insight for one of the most important days of her life.

I am (sadly) hoping and praying that this wedding gets filmed for Bravo. I would love a little LuAnn spin-off just to highlight the planning too, because I feel like my girl doesn't get enough shine. But there are certain cast members who I don't think are fully there for her and should definitely be excluded from the wedding. Also, not inviting certain people would add a little drama to the show if this gets filmed, so that's another plus in my book.

Who should be there and who shouldn't? Here are my suggestions for the Countess.

Carole Radziwill: No

If you watched RHONY last season, it is clear that LuAnn and Carole do not get along at all. Unless something has drastically changed, then I don't get why Carole would be at this wedding. In case you somehow forgot, LuAnn was pretty mad at Carole for dating her chef, Adam, who happens to be LuAnn's niece's ex-boyfriend, and the two of them have been arguing about "girl code" ever since. It would also be super awkward if Carole brought Adam as her date and LuAnn's niece was there.

Ramona Singer: Yes

I know that Ramona and LuAnn have had their ups and downs over the years, but Ramona has the most endearing personality. I have no idea how anyone could ever actually dislike her. These two have been friends for decades and are the only original cast members who have stuck around for the entire series so it makes sense for Ramona to be there as a guest.

Heather Thomson: No

First off, Heather isn't even a cast member on RHONY anymore, so there really is no obligation for LuAnn to have her present. Second, LuAnn slammed Heather last season for "being all uncool" in one of the most iconic moments in all of reality television. There is no good reason for Heather to be present and in all honesty she was super boring last season, so I can't think of anything she could bring to the table if this was recorded, other than some free shapewear products if LuAnn wants to wear them under her wedding dress.

Bethenny Frankel: Yes

Even though LuAnn and Bethenny don't always see eye to eye these two have fun with each other more often than not and they have a long history together. Plus, it would be pretty dope if Bethenny sponsored the wedding with some SkinnyGirl alcohol products. It would get Bethenny more exposure and save LuAnn some money.

Kristen Taekman: No

Kristen is so clearly aligned with Carole and Heather, so that means she should be an automatic no for this invite list. Oh, and she's not even gonna be a cast member on RHONY next season, so there really is zero point in her being present.

Sonja Morgan: Yes

Sonja Morgan has the ability to elevate any event. She is constant entertainment and is such a sweetheart. She would love to celebrate LuAnn's nuptials. Maybe Sonja could perform some caburlesque at the reception? I am all for that. Plus, there is no one better to party with after the vows are exchanged.

Dorinda Medley: Maybe

I really have no idea if LuAnn and Dorinda are even friends. Personally, I love Dorinda, but it doesn't seem like she and LuAnn have any kind of bond other than being contracted to the same television show. Maybe this is an invite she can send out once she receives the first wave of RSVPs.

Sonja's Facialist: No Way

If LuAnn wants glowing skin for her wedding, then she should really look elsewhere. Sonja's facialist Satoka Yamazaki has caused so much drama in the past like when she spread rumors about LuAnn getting with short French dudes. That kind of drama is definitely not something The Countess needs at her wedding.

Andy Cohen: Obviously

LuAnn should invite Andy to every milestone event for the rest of her life. Andy's behind-the-scenes role on Real Housewives has helped make her the celeb she is today. And we all know how much Andy loves a good cocktail so he would definitely be a fun guest to have.

Aviva Drescher: No

I don't think any of the RHONY women are actually friends with Aviva these days. But even if LuAnn and Aviva are friends, I would be way too paranoid about her trying to hijack LuAnn's big day. I mean, she did toss her leg across a restaurant for dramatic effect before, why wouldn't she do it again?

No matter who makes the cut, I'm sure LuAnn's wedding will be an elegant day to remember. I just hope that she takes my advice when it comes to the invite list!

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