Uber Will Deliver Lingerie On Valentine's Day, Because Life Is Strange

If they're catering to a last minute rush for the best Valentine's Day gifts or just helping you get it on, Uber's newest promotion is... unusual. Basically from February 12 through Valentine's Day, UberRUSH will deliver lingerie straight to your door if you live in Manhattan, amNewYork reports. It definitely screams "last-minute gift", if that's what you're using it for. But sometimes a girl just needs a new set of lingerie. Or maybe you just decide to do it spontaneously. In any case, it's definitely something totally different this Valentine's Day. I'm just not sure if it's pure genius or too ridiculous.

It won't be just any underwear, however— that would be a bit much. But they've partnered up with lingerie company Naja, allowing you to pick from two different bra and panty combinations. One is in "rose" and one in black. They're both pretty, inoffensive lingerie that you could see fitting into most women's closets, so it's a safe bet if you're looking for something last second and don't want to do much legwork.

But it's not just Uber who is catering to all your Valentine's needs. In our world of instant gratification, you can get pretty much anything delivered last minute. Here are some other weird Valentine's Day deliveries:

1. Sculpt Your Own Boyfriend Playset

As a totally weird last-minute gift for your single female or gay male friend, a build your own boyfriend sculpture set which, if you're lucky, something as haunting and misshapen as this photo. According to the description: "The kit contains five different colors of modelling clay, special modelling tools and a guide that teaches you to design 25 different types of boyfriend. There's no better gift for any lonely hearts out there!". Translation: "Do you have a friend you hate?! Buy them this."

Bluw Sculpt Your Own Boyfriend Playset, $16.00, Amazon

2. Bacon Roses

What!? Bacon roses. THEY ARE BACON ROSES. Roses, where the top is a bit of rolled bacon. They're not just for Valentine's Day, you can pre-order for Father's Day or Mother's Day. Because... yeah.

Bacon Roses, $39.99, Ditzy Blonds

3. Kama Sutra Cookie Set

If you're like "Oh, my partner likes cookies" but also like "And I want to haunt their dreams", this is the gift for you. Why are their grins so big? Why are their eyes so vacant? How do you eat them without screaming and vomiting? These are things you and our loved one will figure out, together.

Kama Sutra Cookie Set, $23, Etsy

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Images: Andrew Zaeh/Bustle; Amazon, Ditzy Blonds, Etsy