Is Harry Styles Going To The 2016 Grammys? Don't Get Your Hopes Up, 1D Fans

I am a huge music fan, so I am keeping a very keen eye on what's going on as the Grammy Awards rapidly approach (the show airs Feb. 15). Pretty much everyone who has been ruling the pop charts over the past year will be under one roof in Los Angeles, so surely that means that One Direction will be at the Grammys, right? Sadly, One Direction has never been nominated for any Grammys, and now that they're on a hiatus, the chances of them attending are fairly slim. But, I still hold on to hope of any 1D sighting so, maybe Harry Styles will be at the Grammys solo this year.

I don't want to be a Negative Nancy, because I would love to see Styles make an appearance anywhere, but it really doesn't like seem extremely likely that the 22-year-old will be at the show. First of all, he and the other One Direction boys just recently started their long awaited hiatus, and it really seems like they are seriously planning to just take a break. Styles was most recently pictured in Los Angeles shopping at Saint Laurent and celebrating his new manager's birthday at Hollywood hotspot, Troubador.

Above all, the singer looked like he was just enjoying the time off and, you know, "feeling 22." If the rumors hold true, Styles is almost certainly going to be pursuing a solo career soon, which will no doubt take up most of his 2016, so he's going to need his time to rest while he has it.

Although I haven't been able to find his most recent whereabouts this week through photographic evidence, it's likely he is still in Los Angeles, where he spends much of his time. Early this month, it was officially announced that Styles signed with Jeffrey Azoff as his new manager, making those solo rumors seem even more legit. His previous 1D management shared with Billboard, "Harry is a total gentleman, and we know our good friend Jeffrey Azoff will look after him. We look forward to sharing some great wine with them next time we are in L.A." Yup, sounds like he's there to stay.

Since One Direction has been repeatedly snubbed by the Grammys, I don't see a reason beyond networking that he should be going to the actual event. He might want to avoid the spectacle and the reaction shots of his face that would no doubt come during Taylor Swift's opening number, which will be a song from 1989, an album featuring many songs about him. There could also be a chance that ex-bandmate Zayn Malik will make a Grammys appearance, and some awkward run-ins could definitely ensue.

If I have learned anything about ~L.A. Harry~ is that he likes to be seen at just the right spots (ahem, The Nice Guy), so my bet is on him skipping the Grammys and making some stylish entrances and exits at some of Hollywood's hottest parties after the show instead. Harry Styles loves a mystery and maybe Kendall Jenner might even show up on his arm? Ah, the possibilities are endless.

Image: Giphy