How To Make Your Own Outdoor Grass Bed

If you are in your early 20s chances are you do not own your own property quite yet. Renting a house with your friends means having very little freedom to decorate, which is why this video of making your own outdoor grass bed is essential for entertaining on a budget. Not only are you getting to create your own backyard oasis — it's temporary! No need to explain to your property manager why there is a giant hole in the ground where you tried to build a pool. Trust me, they will never understand that you needed it for personal reasons.

Instead of permanently damaging your home you can build an alternative, temporary grass bed. A lounger that feels like you are in the middle of the park without the need to drive anywhere. I can just imagine how cozy sitting on it with a small fire going nearby will feel. An added bonus is having built something with your own two hands. Don't we all wish that we were more handy around the house? This is that perfect project to start getting your hands ready for hard labor. First step lounger, second step above-ground infinity pool (I might have skipped some middle steps but you get the point).

Obviously you will need to buy some supplies, but with Home Depot and Lowes located in every city, you can get everything you need in one place. Offset the cost of equipment by throwing a fundraiser. Or you can always find a wealthy benefactor willing to invest in your backyard future. Once the financial logistics are set up, watch this video and enjoy!

Starting With A Frame Of Mind

You start with a beautiful wooden frame. Easy to assemble and take a part with the proper tools. You'll be laying a few feet above ground which will allow any water to flow out and keep the grass from smelling. You're welcome.

A Little Paint Goes A Long Way

By creating a little headboard plant box you essentially cover up any edges and create space for flowers. Painting the wood gives it a nice decorative touch. People will assume you spent thousands of dollars on a professional grass bed. And who needs to know that you didn't?! Take all the credit you rightfully deserve.

Crystals, Fertilizer, Grass — A Love Story

By lining the bottom of the day bed with special material you allow for the dirt to stay in the wooden frame, while water can safely seep out the spaces between the wooden slats below. Adding water absorbing crystals will keep the grass above nice and moist. Fertilizer is not necessary but always recommended. Don't worry about the smell. They have advanced fertilizer that doesn't smell bad now. Take full advantage.

The Final Product

Add some pillows for your head and enjoy this amazing outdoor lounger. It's the perfect marriage of carpentry and nature. It won't be as soft as a blanket, but it beats getting chased by rabbit squirrels in the park. A piece of nature right in your own backyard.

Watch the full instructional video below!