This May Just Be The Best V-Day Idea Ever

While the traditional gifts have their purpose, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, people want to be unique. If you’ve done the bear, candy, and roses thing every year for the past several years, then it’s definitely time to break with tradition and go the unconventional Valentine's Day route. Might I suggest some cannabis?

Los Angeles based, Green Soldiers Healers, want to help you make this Valentine’s Day extra special by combining two amazing things: Marijuana and sex; and their Pot and Passion parties do just that. In case you didn’t realize it, cannabis is a natural aphrodisiac. But the problem is that not all people who smoke or ingest the delight, are aware of just how much they should consume to the get the exact balance to heighten one’s sexuality.

Green Soldiers Healers founder Denise, says in a press release: “Couples looking to create a bit more intimacy or fun this Valentine’s day should consider adding cannabis to spice up their sex life. But, many folks don’t know where to start.”

During Pot and Passion parties, people are educated by experts about what strains and what dosages are ideal for sex. Parties include cannabis products, vibrators, and other toys to maximize sexual sensations while exploring just how positive an impact cannabis can have on one’s sex life. “It’s like Mary Kay ― but for pleasure,” Denise continued.

And, because Valentine’s Day is for friends too, the parties can be hosted for up to 10 people, with a minimum of two. The only kicker? You need to have a valid medical marijuana card from a licensed physician and be fortunate enough to live in L.A. area ― words I never thought I’d type.

However, not that I would ever condone anyone engaging in any sort of illegal activity (wink, wink), if you live in a state where the purchasing of weed isn’t just easy, but legal ― I’m looking at your, Colorado folks ― who’s to say you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with your own version of a Pot and Passion party? With so many different strains of marijuana from which to choose, an expert at any dispensary can easily guide you in the right direction toward weed that’s going to amp up your sex drive and your sexual experience. You may find that you’ll want to start a new Valentine’s Day tradition in which the only flowers you get your partner are the kind you can smoke.

With several boxes of chocolates, some cannabis, and a bed, you and your partner can have a V-Day worth remembering. It will also last a lot longer than it would take you to eat dinner at a fancy restaurant, so that right there, is something worth considering. Oysters are a great aphrodisiac, but cannabis can be better.

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