12 Harry Potter Tattoos Perfect For Couples

Valentine's Day is upon us again, and this year, instead of buying flowers that will wilt or chocolate that will get eaten in a day, make a memory that will last and get a Harry Potter couple tattoo with the Ron to your Hermione. You're both Potterheads, afterall, and the only thing you love more than the books is each other, so it's about time you made it permanent.

You've been obsessed with the series since childhood, and it was one of the first things you and your partner bonded over when you started dating. Your mutual love for all things Harry Potter has given you plenty of things to argue — er, I mean talk — about, it's inspired several of your destinations for your couple's getaways, and it's been the subject of more than one movie marathon night for you and your beau. You both love Harry Potter, and you wouldn't want it any other way.

For birthdays and holidays, you normally exchange new editions of the books, Hogwarts swag, or other Potter memorabilia, but this Valentine's Day. take your love and your fandom to the next level. In case you're still trying to find the perfect date for you and your Potterhead partner, here are 12 Harry Potter couple tattoos that make great Valentine's gifts that will last forever.

1. "Until the Very End."

A beautiful sentiment and a gorgeous tattoo, these matching proclamations of commitment are perfect for loving Potterheads.

2. "Mischief Managed"

This unique tattoo combines a special anniversary — in this case, a wedding date — and Harry Potter to create the perfect customized HP ink.

3. Deathly Hallows

One of the most iconic symbols from the series, the Deathly Hallows is a simple design perfect for matching tattoos.

4. Lightning Bolt

Another simple design that can really go anywhere, Harry Potter's lightning bolt scar is the ultimate HP tribute.

5. Complementary Spells

There are dozens and dozens of spells in the Harry Potter universe, which just means you and your partner have plenty to pick from when choosing your own complimentary tattoo designs.

6. The Elder Wand

You and your beau may never be fitted for real wands at Olivander's, but this micro tattoo of the Elder wand is almost as good. Small and subtle, this is the perfect matching tattoo for a couple who doesn't want too much ink.

7. "Believe"

If there are two things you and your S.O. should believe in: magic and love. This tattoo can remind you to do both.

8. "The Ones That Love Us Never Really Leave Us."

Wise words to live by, this is the perfect Harry Potter quote for a couple, because if you love each other, you'll always be together.

9. Your Hogwarts House

Are you a Gryffandor, but your partner is a total Hufflepuff? Are you both proud Ravenclaws? What better way to profess your love for Harry Potter and each other than to getting matching tattoos of your Hogwarts house.

10. Harry's Glasses

Cute and minimalistic, Harry's glasses make a great matching couple's tattoo for Potterheads

11. Expecto Patronum

Being in a relationship means loving and protecting one another, and these matching Patronus tattoos pay tribute to not only Harry Potter, but that very idea of love and loyalty.

12. "Always."

The ultimate Harry Potter couple tattoo, "Always" couldn't be more perfect for two people madly in love.

Images: Warner Brothers