Will April Be In The 'GG' Revival?

Another day, another huge tidbit about the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival: According to Variety, Vanessa Marano has signed on to reprise her role as April Nardini in Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival. It's not clear for how many episodes she would be involved, but it's also no surprise — April was, after all, Luke's daughter, and though she may not have been the most beloved by fans, I can't imagine her presence would be going anywhere in Luke's life. This news comes on the heels of confirmation that Jared Padalecki and Danny Strong would be returning to the series for at least a bit of the four 90-minute episodes.

As for what April will have been doing with her life since we last saw her at the end of Gilmore Girls Season 7 — well, that much isn't clear. To be fair, a lot of the plot surrounding this revival series is shrouded in a lot of secrecy, from who Rory will end up with (I mean, it better be Jess) to what shampoo Lorelai uses to get her hair looking that shiny. But, considering the series will be taking place about 10 years later, April will also be 10 years older — meaning she'll be in her early 20s, and probably attending some super-smart school because she was basically a mini-Rory. Maybe she'll even be at Rory's alma mater, Yale University!

Whatever she's up to, the return of April is definitely just another tidbit to add to the list of things this new Gilmore Girls revival will include.