Olivia & Mellie Team Up On ‘Scandal’ & Combining Powers Will Make Them Unstoppable

One thing I've never understood about Scandal ? Pitting two incredibly powered, motivated women like Mellie and Olivia against each other. Even when they were allies, they were also secret enemies, and it seems like such a waste — especially since the main source of their disagreements is Fitz, a guy who (in my opinion) doesn't seem worth the hassle. But now that the show is back, Mellie and Olivia may be combining forces to write a book, and it is going to be awesome.

Just like we saw in the winter finale, Mellie's moving full steam ahead in trying to achieve her ultimate dream of becoming the first female president. Her way of getting her story out there? By writing a book. Anyone who's been keeping up knows that Mellie has a hell of a story to tell after all she's witnessed and experienced, but that's not the book she writes. She brings her completed manuscript to Olivia, and while the book is good, Olivia points out something important: It's not the story that will get her elected.

And that is the moment all my girl power dreams came true and Olivia and Mellie decided to work together, becoming totally unstoppable.

Because Olivia is totally right. What will get Mellie elected is her honesty and the fact that she's overcome so many things, like the death of her son and basically everything Fitz put her through. And with Olivia's political savvy and the fact that she's actually just the best at everything, there's no way Mellie could lose the next presidential election.

And Mellie's world domination dreams aside, it's awesome to see that two strong women like Mellie and Olivia will be working together for a common goal instead of against each other. Scandal may be all about proving that women are capable of anything, but also showing that we're even stronger together than apart will be even better.

Images: Giphy, Kevin Estrada/ABC