Jade & Tanner Reveal Plans For Their Dream Home

by Lindsey Kupfer

Now that Bachelor in Paradise couple Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert are married, they're working on making their dream home a reality. The couple plans to build a house in Kansas City together, and they told Bustle all about the major life move in an interview. When announcing on Instagram that they bought a plot of land, Jade called it "adulting real hard," which is honestly the perfect description. But, I'd expect no less from the adorable couple.

Jade and Tanner’s whirlwind romance began on Bachelor in Paradise, when they immediately connected and ended up being the it-couple in Mexico. Tanner proposed at the end of the season and, following the show, Jade up and moved to Kansas City to be closer to him. Defying The Bachelor odds, the couple stayed together long enough to wed in January and are getting ready to watch themselves get married during The Bachelor 20th anniversary special on Sunday. They tell Bustle they plan to watch the episode with some family and friends at their house, but not with anyone from Bachelor Nation.

Now that they're officially married, the pair is settling into their new life together and, according to Tanner, they are in the process of finalizing all the floor plans with the builder of their home.

“It’s real close to where I grew up," Tanner says of the property. "It’s a suburb of Kansas City near Overland park on the south side of town. We bought four and a half acres out there because Jade wanted to have horses like she did growing up, and that’s our plan. We will break ground in the next few months.” Aww!

The couple also tells Bustle that the house will have four bedrooms, five including the basement, and five and a half bathrooms. When asked if they were going to make a special room just for Bachelor viewing parties, Tanner replies, “I will have a man cave down in the basement, hopefully. We will watch down there cause nothing says 'man cave' like watching The Bachelor, right?”

However, the design of the place is in Jade’s hands. She reveals she's going to be working with an interior designer to make their dream home perfect. She says that the Kansas City style is all dark wood and dark walls, but don’t expect to find that in their place.

I want to really lighten it up and make it kind of Parisian. So, I want a white kitchen with lots of windows and natural light. Most of the interior designing, I think Tanner is going to leave up to me, but he always has his little stipulations, which is OK with me. He can have the man cave and the garage. I’ll let him have that!

I don’t know about you, but I am super excited to see some Instagram shots of their place when it’s done. Maybe ABC can do a special tour of their place? Are you listening Chris Harrison? I'd definitely tune in for that.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC