How's 'BiP' Star Jade Doing In Tanner's Hometown?

by Marenah Dobin

I'm starting to get sick of people hating on The Bachelor franchise for producing failing relationships. How many of your non-reality TV relationships have fared well? Exactly. I feel like there's just as good of a chance of your Tinder interaction working out as two people meeting on reality TV, so why shouldn't they take the chance? With that said, one couple who is defying the odds and helping get rid of the reality TV dating stigma is Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert from Bachelor in Paradise. Sure, things didn't work out for them on their original shows, but they are really in a groove right now. They are engaged and Janner has even moved into together! So what is life like for Jade in Tanner's hometown?

Things seem to be going pretty well for the soon-to-be married couple. They are really settling into this domestic life as future husband and wife, and Kansas City seems to agree with Jade, who previously lived in Los Angeles. Everything really seems to be going well for the BIP alums. The two have been pretty immersed in wedding preparation these days, and they are set to be married on Valentine's Day with a televised wedding on ABC, of course. Here's what they've been up to in Kansas City since leaving paradise.

Putting Down A Deposit To Build A Home

Jade made it clear that she and Tanner are going to be Kansas City residents for a long time when she posted about them buying a few acres to build a house.

Shopping For A Wedding Dress

Jade showed her followers that she has her wedding dress, but wouldn't reveal what it looked like, keeping it safely hidden in the garment bag.

Hitting Up Crate & Barrel

Nothing screams domesticity like going to Crate & Barrel with your significant other. Janner is so ready for married life.

Setting Up The Wedding Registry

It's getting real. The couple set up their wedding registry and are beyond ready to start married life in Kansas City.

Enjoying The Kansas Weather

Even in the freezing cold, it seems like Jade is acclimating to the Kansas winter and enjoying her new life.

Janner definitely seems like a couple that's here to stay. Reality TV skepticism aside, there is a definite love and care here. And it seems like Jade Roper has really embraced the Kansas City way of life.

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