Johnny Depp Went Full Rock Star At The Grammys

No, this isn't about Lena Dunham's TinyLetter, though the Grammy Awards tribute did bring out some star power. The late Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead was honored by Johnny Depp at the Grammy Awards by The Hollywood Vampires, which includes band members Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and Johnny Depp. So yeah, that was Johnny Depp you saw up there. Your eyes were't playing tricks on you. There was nothing wrong with your TV set. That was Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, looking a whole lot like a bonafide rock n' roll artist.

Other tributes at Monday's event include Lady Gaga's homage to David Bowie and Chris Stapleton, who was honoring B. B. King. Hollywood Vampires' tribute debuted a new song, "As Bad As I Am," which was quite something. Depp didn't sing much — he stuck to guitar playing, and blended into the super group. Like, I couldn't find him at first, blended in.

Depp isn't known for showing up at awards shows, much less performing at them, so this was quite something. Of course, it's no secret that Depp can sing. He was in the musical adaptation of Into the Woods and starred in Sweeney Todd. He even sings in Chocolat. He plays guitar and has been in several bands. The Hollywood Vampires have even recorded an album. He also released an album called "P" in 1995. So, this isn't an unfamiliar territory for Depp, but it's a little different for all of us who know him best as a movie star. This is the first time Hollywood Vampires is performing at the Grammys.

Is this a natural fit for Depp, or is it too difficult to separate him from his characters? Honestly, he fit in so well with that rock n' roll crowd that I could barely figure out where he was on stage at the beginning of the performance. He certainly looked happy to be up on that stage playing music. Maybe this will mark a new, official, chapter in Depp's career! That is, if he's allowed to leave the house dressed like this ever again.