Kim K Wears Yeezy & Does Sporty-Chic So Well

It comes as no surprise to me that this woman can wear whatever she wants and still look absolutely amazing. Kim Kardashian wore Yeezy again and had a very sporty-chic kind of look going. Of the sisters, Kendall Jenner’s usually the one to opt for a casual off-duty outfit, but hey, Kim K’s not bad at pulling off the look, either.

She’s obviously a huge fan of her hubby and his Madison Square Garden extravaganza, and by the looks of it, she’s going to be wearing Yeezy for a lot of NYFW. When you’ve got that Yeezy feeling, there’s just no shaking it, you know? She managed to dress up a sleek black jumpsuit by pairing it with an amazing fuzzy red coat and a pair of heels. In keeping with the sporty vibe, she covered her new blonde ‘do with an Anti Social Social Club baseball cap (which is actually affordable for the rest of us — if it wasn’t sold out). Leave it to Kim K to make this oh-so-‘90s headgear look so good, and at NYFW, of all places.

See her latest Yeezy outfit along with eleven other times she’s rocked some althleisure wear. She doesn’t appear in athletic-inspired garb often, but when she does, she does it well.

Slay sporty Kim K, slay.

The Yeeziest couple around.

1. Jumpsuit & Jacket

She's been loving the jumpsuit and jacket combo lately, and I can't blame her for it.

2. Comfy, Cozy & Chic

An outfit like this really meets all of the requirements. It's comfy, cozy and chic.

3. Laid-Back

Because hoodies are as comfortable as it gets.

4. Ripped Tee

A ripped tee and a ponytail is just classic and therefore, must be worn as often as possible.

5. Yeezy Season 1

Of course, she's always wearing athleisure gear to support her hubby.


NYFW is all about that sporty look, inspired by 'Ye, of course.

7. Soft Pinks

Even when she opts for comfort, she's still all about a monochromatic color scheme.

8. T-Shirt

Chilling in a t-shirt is where it's at.

9. Sweats

What else would you wear when you're just hanging out waiting on baby Saint West to arrive?

10. Throwback

You can't forget that Kim K was a huge fan of tracksuits, basically making her the O.G. of athleisure wear.

11. Sneakers

You won't find her in sneakers often, but when you do, know this — their Yeezys.

She looks great no matter what she wears, and if she's all about that Yeezy Season, that's fine by me.

The athleisure thing suits you, Kim K.

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