All The Kanyes React To "I Love Kanye"

by Caitlyn Callegari

Internet friends, gather round. We have some stuff to discuss. Kanye West has a song on his new album, The Life of Pablo, that has the most self-congratulatory of self-congratulatory titles, but the only thing better than the song title itself which is, wait for it, “I Love Kanye,” are the lyrics that the song is comprised of. What I’m trying to say here is that the “I Love Kanye" lyrics" are absolutely everything you would expect them to be per the song's title. West is staying true to his brand, and I guess we can’t fault him on that.

While this song is quite short, the lyrics pack the punch they need to in the little time they’re given. West makes sure to detail why he loves himself, why others love him, and why he hasn’t loved himself as much recently, which is why he’s going back to the old self he previously loved even more. You got that? Good. I can see where you might still be a bit confused, though, so I’m here to help you out. I’ve broken down the lyrics with Kanye West GIFs and pictures, so you can fully grasp the feel of the song.

I Miss The Old Kanye

Me too.

Straight From The Go Kanye

This guy!

Chop Up The Soul Kanye


Set On His Goals Kanye

*Eye twitches*

I Hate The New Kanye


The Bad Mood Kanye


The Always Rude Kanye

Exhibit A.

Spaz In The News Kanye

About that...

I Miss The Sweet Kanye

*Wipes tear*

Chop Up The Beats Kanye

*Claps along*

I Gotta Say At That Time I'd Like To Meet Kanye

Via time travel?

See I Invented Kanye, It Wasn't Any Kanyes


And Now I Look And Look Around And There's So Many Kanyes

For real.

I Used To Love Kanye

Oh that's so swee — wait a minute...

I Used To Love Kanye


I Even Had That Pink Polo, I Thought I Was Kanye

*Channels Damien from Mean Girls* "I WANT MY PINK SHIRT BACK!"

What If Kanye Made A Song About Kanye


Called, "I Miss The Old Kanye," Man That Would Be So Kanye

*Pondering face emoji*

That's All It Was Kanye, We Still Love Kanye


And I Love You Like Kanye Loves Kanye

Don't think that's possible, sir.

It's a good thing Kanye is consistent, otherwise fans may have never known what "I Love Kanye" was truly about.

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