Will Ben & Lauren B. Live Happily Ever After?

by Alaina Urquhart-White

Raise your hand If you had to pick your jaw up off the floor after the episode of The Bachelor where Leah threw Lauren B. under the bus. Not only did we see one of the biggest deceptions in recent memory when Leah Block outright lied about tattling on Lauren B. to Ben, but fans were also treated to a promo for the rest of The Bachelor season that promised a truly shocking turn of events. In it, Ben tells the camera that he has fallen in love with two women. He then alludes to the fact that he may have sent home the wrong girl. I'm guessing one of these final women is Lauren B. because their connection has been undeniable. So, did Ben send Lauren B. home too early?

Ben looks like he is having a true emotional meltdown in the promo. Whoever these two girls are that he confessed his love for, they have really stolen his heart. Ben really seems to have connected with Lauren B. Could it be her that gets regrettably sent home? I could definitely see Ben regretting a decision to send her packing. He seems really smitten with her, so there would have to be extenuating circumstances for her exit, if that's the case.

Lauren B.'s potential early exit from the show could have resulted from Leah spreading some unflattering rumors about her to Ben. Sure, he sent Leah immediately packing last week as a result, but his reasoning for that was Leah's failure to connect with him. He felt that their time together should have been spent getting to know each other and not spent talking about other women in the house. So, did he take to heart what was said about Lauren B.?

If Ben did let her go for that reason, it's easy to see why he would immediately regret it. Listening to one contestant over another is a really rookie move to make on this show. Ben would probably know better, since this isn't really his first rodeo. I would sincerely hope that he wouldn't fall for the old, "She's different with you than she is in the house" routine. That line is more played out than the, "It's not you, it's me" cliche. But, unfortunately, these things do tend to make an impression. He could possibly be thinking that some of it may be partially true given that Leah went through all the trouble she did to badmouth Lauren to him. She did randomly show up at his door out of nowhere to do it.

Let's hope for the sake of Ben's sanity that he didn't take what Leah said to heart and send Lauren B. packing before her time. I think the two of them have a real shot at true love and it would be a shame to see it severed by gossip. Then again, whoever the mystery girl is that he mistakenly sends home, she seems to get another chance. So, maybe it will end in Lauren B.'s favor anyway. I guess we will all have to continue obsessively watching The Bachelor to find out. Such is life, Bachelor Nation.

Images: Jean Whiteside, Levy Moroshan/ABC