Ben Has Been Loving His 'Bachelor' Journey

by Alaina Urquhart-White

Reality television love shows can be a tricky thing. You never know if you are really watching someone's true personality or if you're watching a manufactured personality that clever editors have meticulously spliced together. The Bachelor has always been one of those shows that occasionally likes to rely on editing tricks to amp up the drama. But, now that we are headed into the Season 20 finale, what does Ben Higgins think about his portrayal on The Bachelor? Bustle reached out to Ben for comment but has not yet received a reply.

However, it's not like he has come right out and said it specifically, but Ben seems to be pretty happy with how he is looking to Bachelor Nation this season. After all, I think Ben is definitely ranking high on the list of favorite bachelors of all time. Fans seem to be smitten with his charm and his genuine personality. The fact that he has made it known that he feels he is unlovable only makes him more endearing to watch. I would say his reputation is pretty solid coming out of this. (Minus that whole saying "I love you" to two women thing.)

But, if you take a look at Ben's social media accounts, he seems to be taking everything with humor and grace.

I mean, watching that date where they fed the pigs hotdogs in the ocean had to been one of the best Bachelor moments in history. But, I think everyone's first reaction was horror until it became known that the hotdogs were not made of pork. Ben obviously found the humor in the situation and knows that the date was a little ridiculous.

Another date mishap was when Ben took JoJo for a helicopter ride. The wind from the landing blew over their romantic champagne spread along with the table that it sat on and almost blew them off a building, which made for hilarious television. Again, his reaction only makes Ben look more relatable and endearing.

Poking fun at the overused hot tub trope? He's obviously not embarrassed. I think Ben has a pretty good idea of how silly some of the dates can seem. He doesn't seem the least bit concerned with the cliché. Who can blame him?

And, to me, this is the tweet of someone who is pretty happy with how his story unfolded on TV. So gracious and sweet. Seriously, could he be more adorable?

Ben seems to have the perfect personality to deal with any misconceptions that could arise from his appearance on The Bachelor. Honestly, he's only coming off looking adorable and genuine. I'd say that's a win.