These Ben H. 'Bachelorette' Quotes Are Adorable

by Lindsey Kupfer

There are plenty of rumors floating around that Ben Higgins is the next Bachelor. Like the rest of the world, I hope those rumors prove to be true, but ABC has yet to officially announce that he is the Bachelor. That means that we are still in the Bachelor campaigning process, and, in my mind, the only other worthy Bachelor candidate is Ben Zorn. I think I speak for the entire world when I say I would be happy with either one of them, but I am pushing for the former Ben for one very important reason: These Ben H. quotes that make him perfect for our future Bachelor .

Leading up to the Men Tell All episode of The Bachelorette, E! News first reported that Ben H. has been chosen as the 2016 Bachelor. Sources confirmed to the site that he has already been picked by producers, but ABC wasn’t planning on making the announcement any time soon. The source told the news outlet that he’s “pretty much a lock.” However, Chris Harrison insisted this news isn't true. "We have, kind of, an embarrassment of riches as far as decisions for the next Bachelor, and who knows! I mean, we have not picked a new Bachelor contrary to popular belief,” Harrison told Reality TV World. Yeah, OK, Chris Harrison. Usually the team has to have the announcement ready for the finale, so they probably know.

But, just in case they need more convincing: Here are 6 reasons why Ben H. would be perfect based on the things he's said.

1. On How The Bachelorette Changed Him

At the end of the day I was able to open up and have feelings for somebody again, and thats something that I can’t take for granted.

We’ve all been there.

2. On Children

Getting to hang out with kids was almost like therapy for me.

Guys who love babies though…

3. On His Biggest Fear

I fear that I am unlovable.

Please, you might be the most lovable person I’ve never met. But, going on The Bachelor would prove that to him, for sure.

4. On Getting Engaged At 26

There is always fear in this and there always will be. When I’m around [Kaitlyn], it’s a lot of fun and I look at [her] and I think, ‘Wow, this girl is something special.’ I like [her] and today was great and I can see these days being something that I appreciate and enjoy for a long time. Like, why would I not want that as soon as possible?

When you know, you know. Age ain’t nothing but a number.

5. On The Fantasy Suite

I am excited to just be with each other, be in the moment, be a couple free from all the distractions.

This is how a real man talks about the Fantasy Suite.

6. On Game of Thrones

I am not proud of it, and I never thought this day would come...but #TeamWhiteWalkers

At the end of the day, someone has to marry the Bachelor and bring him home to the real world where watching TV, instead of being on it, makes for a great common ground. So, it’s pretty important that Ben H. keeps up on the best show of all: Game of Thrones.

Images: ABC; Giphy (1)