Andra Day Is A Name To Remember

There were probably a number of stars that you recognized at the 2016 Grammy Awards. The usual suspects, were all present, like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, The Weeknd, and Justin Bieber — but there were also a few stars at the show that were relatively unrecognizable. They were the musicians who are new to the spotlight or relatively unknown, and whose names will probably be on everyone's lips as the year goes on. Chances are you thought that when Selena Gomez announced that Ellie Goulding would be performing with an artist named Andra Day. Like me, you probably asked yourself, “Wait. Who is Andra Day?” Well, it turns out that the artist who blew the Grammys crowd away with her performance of “Rise Up” is a rising star that we all should keep an eye on.

The star has already released one album and two singles, but her performance at the 2016 Grammy Awards is sure to set her star to rising. And fast. Her debut album was released just last summer and has already been making waves in the music industry.

You might also recognize her face from the Apple commercial she starred in with Stevie Wonder over the holidays. In it, the two performed heartwarming holiday songs together. Considering she’s already performing with Stevie Wonder and at the Grammys, I’d say this girl has it seriously made.

And it’s not for want of talent. Her voice is absolutely stunning, and her success has been largely because of her incredible sound. In fact, the star was honored at the 2016 Grammy Awards with two: One for Best R&B Performance and one for Best R&B Album.

Clearly Andra Day is a star to watch. With her debut album already nominated for two Grammy Awards (and her performance at the same awards show being a huge hit), Andra Day is definitely someone to keep an eye on.