Justin Bieber Has a Mayor, A School Principal, & Rob Ford On His Side So He'll Be Ok


If Justin Bieber does get deported back to Canada following his two arrests, he'll have at least three men ready to welcome him back with open arms: a mayor, a principal, and a disgraced politician. The 19-year-old singer is a native of Stratford, a city within Ontario, and the Mayor of Stratford, Dan Mathieson, said that Justin Bieber is a hometown boy no matter what.

Mathieson also has advice for the troubled singer.

Act normally, and get treated normally, Biebs. But not to be outdone regarding hometown pride, Bieber's former principal at Northwestern Secondary School in Stratford, Martin Ritsma, beliebs that Bieber is still the same normal kid he once was.

Even though Bieber has been arrested twice in two weeks, may get a felony for egging his neighbor's house, and has a penchant for strip clubs he'd still be welcome at his elementary school.

Upon seeing the article, Bieber tweeted:

I believe this is an instance of Bieber hearing what he wants to hear. Ritsma and Mathieson are sympathetic, but are clearly saying that he needs to pump the brakes. Even "small town kids" egg houses, but most do it with one carton of eggs outside a suburban home.

And going over to the peanut gallery, disgraced Toronto Mayor Rob Ford also threw in his two cents regarding Bieber.

Image: Giphy; JustinBieber/Twitter