Emily Met Ben's Parents On 'The Bachelor' & The Twin's Date Couldn't Have Been More Awkward

Oh, Emily. Sweet, sweet twin Emily. You never saw it coming, did you? On Monday, Bachelor Ben took Emily home to his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, only to send her packing. Let me back up a little bit here — Ben took all of the ladies to his hometown his week because the show is running out of ideas and because Ben wanted the contestants to experience where he grew up. Dates included a visit to McDonalds and a trip to the local recreation center (I’m not even kidding here). But, Emily, who nabbed the last one-on-one date, got a real surprise when Ben took Emily to meet his parents. Premature, huh? Yeah, I thought so, too.

Emily talked a lot about how excited she was to meet Ben’s family, but she definitely fumbled the punt on the pass. First, she was invited to spend time talking with Ben’s mother — a conversation in which she described herself as “average" and talked about ducks a lot. Then, she talked with Ben’s dad, and Ben’s dad had this look in his eyes like he would do anything to get out of the conversation. I mean, really. Ben’s mom described Emily as a “fun individual,” which she made sound like, “get away from my son.” Look, Emily is nice and all, but Ben’s parents basically told him she was too young to be a wife, and he agreed.

Emily kind of got blindsided by this whole date — she totally wasn’t prepared at all, and this flustered vibe made it seem like she was more immature than she thought she was. After Emily and Ben left Casa Higgins, Ben gently let Emily go, telling her that he thought she was young and just not ready to be a wife.

Can’t say I blame him — he has a much better connection with some of the other women, and it was just Emily’s turn to go home. Better luck next time, Em! (And, I imagine that next time will be in Paradise!)

Images: Eniac Martinez/ABC