Are Ali & Sara Working Together On 'Pretty Little Liars?' They May Have Formed An Unlikely Alliance

Although showrunners have painted Ali as a reformed mean girl who's desperately trying to right her past wrongs, plenty of Pretty Little Liars fans aren't quite buying it. First, a dark theory that Ali is responsible for Charlotte's death went viral and she shot directly to the top of many fan's suspect lists. And, after the Feb. 9 episode "Do Not Disturb," I'm wondering if Ali and Sara are working together on Pretty Little Liars. Ali could have several motives for teaming up with Shower Harvey, but her presence during Emily's surgery certainly raises some red flags. I mean, we know Ali's a good actress — so she could have definitely learned about the procedure from Dr. Rollins or Sara and booked it to Emily's just in time to offer her "support."

Sara and Ali's initial conversation at Rosewood High didn't exactly hint that the two were about to form an alliance — but that doesn't mean they didn't later reconnect offscreen. As Reddit user FanGirlGrrArrgh points out, in Season 3, Spencer initially rebuffed Mona's invitation to join the A team while they were both at Radley. We later learned they had another conversation and that's when Spencer temporarily joined the A team. Despite the fact that they dislike each other, we can't deny that Spencer and Mona have a lot in common and they worked well together when they wanted to — and the same could be said for Ali and Sara. Not only did it seem to hit a nerve with Ali when Sara commented that they were the two people closest to Charlotte, but when Sara's character was first discussed in Season 4, she was clearly established as the "Ali" of her friend group.

Ali could have several motives for teaming up with Sara. If she did truly love and forgive Charlotte, then her devastation about her sister's death is not an act — and Ali's not the type to just sit back and let Rosewood's nonexistent justice system run its course. She may suspect that Sara is responsible for Charlotte's death and think that forming an alliance is the best way to gain intel and expose Sara as Rosewood's new villain.

Alternatively, if Ali did kill Charlotte as many viewers suspect, she knows that Sara has been watching and stalking every move that she, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer make. In this scenario, she could be fearful that Sara will ultimately blackmail her or expose her as Charlotte's killer — so she's pretending to bond with her in an effort to protect her darkest secret yet.

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