Paul McCartney Gets Rejected From Tyga's Grammys Party In One Of The Most Absurd Pieces Of News Ever — VIDEO

The fact that Paul McCartney was denied to any sort of music related event, especially on Grammys night, is sheer lunacy. But the story is just so good. Member of The BEATLES and living musical legend Paul McCartney was denied entry into an after-party hosted by...Tyga. Yes, the Tyga of "Rack City" and Kylie Jenner boyfriend fame, and... that's really it, so let that sink in. Usually, these events can cause supreme embarrassment for the ousted person, but this is Paul McCartney we are talking about and thankfully he saw the humor in the situation and handled it like a pro.

Of course, TMZ was at the scene of the musical crime, which took place at the Argyle in Hollywood after the Grammy Awards. Not only was McCartney (reminder: founder of The Beatles) trying to get in, but he was accompanied by Beck, prolific musician and winner of Album of the Year in 2015, and Taylor Hawkins, the drummer of a little band called The Foo Fighters. These are three musical legends who for some unforeseen reason were trying to get into a party hosted by Tyga and were consequently rejected two times.

In a video of the event, McCartney makes light of the situation after not being let through the door, saying, "How VIP do we gotta get? We need another hit, guys. Work on it!" One of their friends is heard saying, "I don't think you have enough." And Beck assures McCartney, "Next year!"

I almost have too much second-hand embarrassment watching McCartney talking to the door guys, who clearly have no intention of letting any of them in. I can't wrap my head around it. Beck is just being shuffled around while people pass him looking very confused, like, this is the man who won Album of the Year last year! Against Beyoncé! I'm also concerned about why they were even trying to get in to Tyga's party? Surely they had better places to be.

If anyone on this planet could use the "Don't you know who I am?" line without looking like a total tool, it is Paul McCartney, but he took the whole thing in stride. He just grabbed his friends Beck, Taylor Hawkins, and his dignity, and made their way to Hyde, for the Republic Records party instead.

To make matters even more cringe-worthy, TMZ caught Tyga leaving the party where he seemed to not be bothered nor even interested at the news of Sir McCartney's denial. This is saying something about the current state of music, and I'm not sure exactly what, but it doesn't feel very promising. I am just glad McCartney and crew got to get their party on regardless and, well, they're living musical legends, so I think they'll be alright.