Is Kim Kardashian In Debt Too?

We're not even two full months into 2016 yet, and Kanye West is already having a whirlwind of a year. West has been taking to Twitter in a way that's shocking even for a guy who has never been anything short of outspoken, leaving music fans and, more than likely, the rest of the world to wonder what is actually going on with him. Some of his rants are amusing: he thinks he's this generation's Walt Disney. But some are deeply troubling: his words about ex Amber Rose. And then there's the shocking admission that he's somehow $53 million in debt. It seems pretty unbelievable given the extravagant lifestyle he and wife Kim Kardashian appear to live. But of course, appearances don't always reveal the truth, so the obvious question follows: Is Kim Kardashian in debt also?

Kardashian and her family have chronicled plenty of serious issues in the 11 seasons of their show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, including fertility issues, divorce, and Caitlyn Jenner coming out as transgender last year. One thing that has never come up is an issue of money. It's never even remotely seemed like an issue... right?

There was the episode last month where Kardashian demanded mom Kris Jenner replace her marble slabs worth a million dollars, but is it really that surprising she'd want them back? We're not talking about a lip gloss here. These are gold Calacatta marble slabs from Italy. You'd probably want them back too if your mom stole them.

It turns out that West and Kardashian's financial situations may be completely different. People is reporting that their finances are largely separate, and a source claims both West and Kardashian "make a lot of money, and money is not a problem with them. They keep their accounts basically separate." According to the source, West will "talk about 'my money' and 'her money,'" further indicating that their income is kept separate.

The report adds that Kardashian herself is worth "nearly $53 million," citing a figure from Forbes ' Highest Paid Celebrities of 2015 ranking. West didn't make the 2015 list, which means he made less than the $28.5 million that the 95-100 celebrities on the list of 100 earned. I'm no finance expert, but I think this means Kardashian is out-earning her husband as it stands at the moment.

Last year, The Huffington Post reported that Kardashian was worth in the ballpark of $85 million, thanks to her reality show and "endorsement deals, from Carl's Jr. to weight-loss pills, Charmin public restrooms, $25 lollipops, and even Midori liqueur despite the fact she says she doesn't drink." Kardashian has put her name on plenty of products over the years, and the site adds that she "can command six figures just for making an appearance." This is significantly higher than the Forbes estimate, but seems to consider a more rounded look at her overall net worth.

For his part, West's net worth reportedly ranges anywhere from $145 million to $180 million, thanks to music and similarly lucrative endorsement deals, just like his wife. These estimates seem to be in line given that his career has been successful for close to 15 years. It definitely seems strange, even with his admission that he poured all the money into his own fashion line, that he'd really be that far into the hole. Surely someone of that kind of wealth would have people in place to ensure his assets are protected, especially with a growing family.

Of course, any speculation about their net worth as a couple and as individuals is simply that: speculation, as no one except them and their financial advisers can be sure exactly what their bank accounts look like at the end of the day. That said, while West's claim that he's $53 million in debt in debt is shocking, what would be more shocking would be if Kardashian happened to be in debt at all, too, considering the reports of her worth. West's public pleas for money are troubling either way, and I can only hope this serves as a wake up call to all involved that the "good life" West once giddily rapped about can run out just as quickly.

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