You Already Know Iris Apatow From 'Love'

Netflix's latest series Love has a lot of familiar faces, down to its youngest one. Who is Iris Apatow from Netflix's Love ? She is the daughter of actress Leslie Mann and writer/director and Love executive producer Judd Apatow, who co-created the series with Paul Rust and Lesley Arfin, who wrote for Girls and Brooklyn Nine-Nine as well.

Love stars Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust, who I'm also not entirely convinced is not Paul Rudd in disguise. It's a show about dating and love, specifically what happens when a girl named Mickey meets a boy named Gus, played by Rust. Apatow plays a child television actor, Iris, who Gus tutors on set of the showWitchita.

How do you know her? First of all, this makes me feel so old — because I remember seeing the now 13-year-old actress as a toddler in Knocked Up. That said, it's important not to confuse her with her older sister Maude Apatow, who hangs out with Lena Dunham and had that hilarious Lost-centric storyline in This is 40. Both girls played Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann's children in both movies. Iris Apatow played Charlotte in Knocked Up and This is 40 — her character liked sharks and playing piano. She has a drier humor than her sister, from what I've seen. Both actresses got their start working together on their father's projects, but they've since branched out from each other (Maude recurred on Girls and is in the movie Other People ), and this is the younger Apatow's big break.

If you're looking forward to Love on Netflix but you're not as familiar with Iris (or any of the Apatows), here is a featurette from This Is 40 — though it is five years old, so don't hold any of the sillier jokes against her, please.

She definitely has had comedy chops for a while, and will be a fun addition to the Love cast.

Image: Suzanne Hanover/Netflix