Did Kylie Go Back To Her Natural Hair Color?

Kylie Jenner has certainly been making a splash at New York Fashion Week so far. From the return of her pink hair to the s gold frock she rocked at the Vera Wang front row, it's been hard not to spot her. Now, Kylie Jenner has gone back to her natural hair color — or so it seems. Let's be real, just when you think Jenner has picked a hue, she switches it up again. She certainly didn't maintain that pink hue for long. Instead, it seems as though she has forgone the most flamboyant tresses for some classic Kylie goodness.

While Kylie's pink hair made waves last year, she didn't seem to get enough from the pastel hue and decided to liven up the February winter at New York Fashion Week with some mermaid magic. Jenner debuted long pink locks this week, and it's definitely not the first time she's switched things up. In fact, she's basically known for it. While Kylie's new lip kit colors have been the talk of the town recently, it's hard to ignore her other contributions to beauty. In this case, her ability to make mermaid and pastel hair still ultra cool despite it being the dead of winter. While the brilliant pink color was fun while it lasted, I can't help but dig her return to the more natural look.

Jenner appeared at the Sinful Colors party in New York City on Tuesday night, and that's where she debuted the brunette locks. News that Jenner would be releasing a collection of colors with the nail polish brand hit the internet only a few days ago, and the reaction has been incredible. There's little doubt that the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is growing her beauty empire. Only a few hours before the Sinful Colors party, Jenner gave a peek at the line via her Snapchat and also let us all see her return to brunette.

Kylie's return is super refreshing. While I do love her experiments with diverse looks, there's something so classic about the dark hair. Plus, I love when my Kardashians and Jenners match. I can't help myself.

Not to mention, the fashion is on point. I'm loving this glittering, textured dress with the dark hair. Basically, Jenner can do no wrong when it comes to her locks. Even when they're neon green.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Snapchat