Kathryn Edwards Opens Up About Her Past On 'RHOBH'

Things became extremely personal for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ' newest housewife Kathryn Edwards on Tuesday's episode. Kathryn, who has found a lot of her storyline thus far in the season revolving around her past interaction (or non-interaction) with Faye Resnick, opened up to the women at a dinner party and disclosed a very personal story about her childhood. In the episode, Kathryn revealed that her father committed suicide when she was 13-years-old. The news seemed to shock the women, but eventually brought them together in a moment where everyone supported Kathryn.

Kathryn told the women that her father committed suicide after a long battle with addiction issues when she was just a young teenager. And, all of the women were touched by Kathryn's story. Erika made a point to say that she felt it made Kathryn "more human" to her. I think, despite the loss attached to the story, that this is a situation that allowed the women to come together without any judgment or conflict. Very rarely are they all on the same page, but this was one of those moments.

Kathryn has had a rather unique entrance to the series. She came in at the middle of the season and was almost entirely attached to O.J. Simpson conversations. She also had a heated exchange with Faye Resnick at a barbecue, which didn't really show that there is a much more serious side to the former model. As the season progresses, I hope that we see the more personal side of Kathryn. She has a lot to offer to the series, and I'm glad the women are finally coming around to accept her as part of their group.

It had to have been hard for Kathryn to share such a personal, tragic story, but it was nice to see the women react with kindness and acceptance. I hope we get to see more of that going forward, because there's a lot more to Kathryn than her connection to O.J. Simpson.