Jason Wilkes Was Kidnapped On 'Agent Carter' & The Scientist Is Now In The Hands Of The Council

At this point, you might as well call Agent Carter "Dr. Wilkes And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" — because this poor scientist has the worst luck ever. During the second of Tuesday's back to back episodes, just as soon as our heroes were able to science him back to a solid form, Whitney Frost kidnapped Jason Wilkes on Agent Carter .

Whitney is taking him to the Council of Nine, which she's now running alongside her mafia pals. Oh yeah, Whitney Frost killed Calvin Chadwick as well. After trying to get the Council's help taking her down, he's gone. I can't say I'll miss Chadwick, but it's a shame he never got to rig that election. Anyway, at the end of the episode "Monsters," Whitney Frost and Joseph Manfredi broke into Howard Stark's house, got real rude (and real racist) with Dr. Wilkes, then knocked him out and drove him away.

I barely want to talk about how Jason's first corporeal act was to kiss Peggy, but I have to get into it, don't I? I'm not against the two of them together. I like it a lot, actually! I've also been 'shipping Peggy and Sousa since Season 1, so you see my predicament in the feels department. Jarvis gets me, at least. He and Peggy pulled over on their way to rescue Dottie Underwood (yeah, that happened) and had a heart to heart about Peggy's current love triangle. He understands how complicated this "sticky wicket" is. So Peggy had a moment with Daniel and a reunion, blush-causing kiss with Jason in the span of two episodes. As we speed towards the Season 2 finale, it's gonna get interesting.

Plus, with Jason now at the mercy of Whitney Frost and Daniel Sousa stuck in a different kind of beast's belly under Vernon Masters' regime at the SSR, both of Peggy Carter's damsels are in distress on Agent Carter. Hopefully, the Zero Matter coursing through Jason and making him powerful won't do any more damage before Peggy gets him back. Whitney Frost may actually be better equipped to help Jason, with better resources and a better understanding of what he's going through, but I shudder to think of what she's planning next.

Image: Kelsey McNeal/ABC