What Is Elizabeth Kitt's Relationship Status Now? 'The Bachelor' Star Has Found True Love

When the cameras stop rolling on the contestants of each season of The Bachelor, it's not like they all suddenly disappear. These are real people competing for real love on television, and, if you had a favorite contestant, it's likely that you're curious about what happened to them. For example, what is the relationship status of Elizabeth Kitt now? You may remember Elizabeth from Season 14 of The Bachelor, where she made it to Week 3 before being eliminated by Jake Pavelka and his wings of love, or from Bachelor Pad Season 1, where she and Jesse Kovacs made it all the way to the finale before being beat out by co-winners Natalie Getz and David Good. But Elizabeth and Jesse weren't just teammates. They were also dating before the show... or Elizabeth thought so, anyway, until a) Jesse didn't tell Elizabeth in advance that he'd be on the show as well, and b) pretended like he didn't know her when he stepped into the mansion. Yikes.

So, Elizabeth doesn't have the happiest of track records when it comes to men from this franchise. I was pretty confident she'd have written it off forever when it came to finding love. I was also pretty wrong. After her rocky road of love through Bachelor Nation, would it surprise you to know that she's not only in a relationship with, but actually married to, someone from the franchise? It surprised the poop out of me, even though it shouldn't have.

In October 2013, when nobody really realized they were even dating, Elizabeth Kitt got engaged to Ty Brown, who was eliminated from Season 6 of The Bachelorette by Ali Fedotowsky right before hometowns. The two had apparently met at a charity event and been together since January 2013, so they got engaged after around nine months of dating. Which may sound like a short amount of time, but hey — it's no televised six week competition.

Elizabeth and Ty got married in March 2014, and they've been together ever since, quietly boosting the Bachelor Nation's already pretty impressive stats for couples who got together after shows stopped airing. So, congratulations to these two. Glad that they've found their way to each other against all odds.

Image: ABC