13 Reasons Every '90s Kid Must Watch 'Drive Me Crazy' Again

When my mom took me and my sisters to see Drive Me Crazy in theaters after its 1999 release, I knew that I was witnessing history. The movie is about a popular-ish girl, Nicole, who has a major crush on the school's main hottie, a popular guy who doesn't really see her. In an effort to make him jealous and get his attention, Nicole recruits her weird next door neighbor, Chase, to be her fake boyfriend. While Chase isn't big into changing his look to fit in with the popular crowd, his recent breakup with his animal activist girlfriend inspires him to take part in Nicole's scheme. If that plot description doesn't make you want to revisit it, the below are 13 reasons why every '90s kid should watch Drive Me Crazy again.

Drive Me Crazy is the classic boy meets girl, girl gives boy a makeover, girl and boy try to make other boy and girl jealous, revenge plot. Oh, and, like any self-respecting '90s high school film, it features one big house party and one prom. Sure, it might not be unique, but it deserves a place in the '90s hall of fame for high school romances, and here's why.

1. Sabrina, The Teenage Normal Girl

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch was one of the best TGIF shows ever — at least for '90s kids. But, there's something about seeing Melissa Joan Hart play a normal teenage girl that makes me smile.

2. Um, Adrian Grenier

Drive Me Crazy was my introduction to Adrian Grenier, and as far as I am concerned, it's basically peak Grenier cuteness. It helps that he's not playing an entitled, playboy movie star, like the role he's most known for on Entourage.

3. It's Like She's All That, But Better

Drive Me Crazy is basically a gender reversal of She's All That, but with less creepy motive. Both Nicole and Chase are up for the makeover and aware of everything happening. For lack of a better term, Drive Me Crazy is like She's All That but with consent.

4. The Makeover Is Hilarious

Who knew being popular would require so much hair gel and polo shirts? Sure, it was the '90s, but, I'm pretty sure he looked more nerdy after the makeover.

5. Susan May Pratt

Fresh off her10 Things I Hate About You fame, Pratt plays another BFF in Drive Me Crazy, only this one isn't in love with Shakespeare and is also kind of a bad friend. Regardless, we must not forget that Pratt is one of our '90s/early 2000s queens who went on to star in the timeless Center Stage.

6. Ali Larter


Another '90s queen, Ali Larter appears in the film as Chase's rebellious ex, Dulcie.

7. Everything About This Image

In fact, the entire lake scene is really #90sSquadGoals.

8. Everything About This Image


Why yes, they are all wearing the same sunglasses, and, yes, they did apparently do it on purpose.

9. Melissa Joan Hart's Bad Dancing


Melissa Joan Hart frequently makes jokes about her bad dancing — it was a recurring gag in Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.This being a Hart movie, there had to be some epically bad dancing.

10. Chase's Weird Friends

Chase's weird BFFs are a highlight. They are also super cute and sweet and adorbz.

11. This Awesome Look

I feel very strongly that this should be a thing.

12. The Epic Conclusion


I am dead. The romance has killed me.

13. "(You Drive Me) Crazy"

Drive Me Crazy has the best song, courtesy of '90s star and current pop queen Britney Spears. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" actually inspired the title of the film, no doubt due to the opportunities for cross promotion. Hart and Grenier even have cameos in the music video, dancing alongside Ms. Spears herself.

You're welcome, '90s kids.

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