How Your Period Is Just Like An Annoying Sibling

I’ve compared getting my period to a lot of things: fighting a war, Game of Thrones-style torture, being a hot air balloon full of pure searing pain, and that classic prom scene from Carrie. Now BuzzFeed Australia has given me yet another spot-on comparison, showing in their hilarious video how your period is just like your sibling.

Brothers and sisters, while they are inextricably part of your life, can annoy the bejeezus out of you. They know all the right buttons to push to get on your nerves. Hair pulling and sibling squabbles can be pretty similar to PMS's irritating headaches and the pain of cramps. Sometimes I even feel like my uterus is actually saying “stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself!”

Having an unexpected visit from a needy sibling is also quite similar to getting your period early — there is literally nothing you can do to stop it. It’s not like you can throw your darling sib out on the street (unfortunately). And, no, they probably don’t care if their sudden appearance just made that Tinder date you had planned for tonight a bit more uncomfortable. Of course, also like a sibling, they love you and you love them. I’m always happy to see my period each month, as I am not planning to procreate any time in the near future. But, I tell ya, both can be a big pain in the butt. Yep, pretty good comparison, I’d say.

So, what are some other ways your period is just like your obnoxious sibling?

It Pulls Pranks On You

Just like your sibling loved to pull pranks on you growing up, it seems like your period also loves to watch you suffer. That trickster PMS will make you crave all types of food that will eventually make you totally sick. It will tempt you with salt, making you feel bloated. It demands you eat loads of chocolate, upsetting your stomach. Or it'll have you guzzle coffee — sending you rushing off moments later to the bathroom. Yes, just like sibs, periods have a funny way of showing their love.

It Loves To Bug You

Nothing gives a younger sibling more joy than to poke at you till they get a reaction. But even screaming "knock it off!" doesn't always work. Just like your period, your sibling probably just keeps doing the annoying thing that they are doing. Having a fight with a sibling will make you reach for the big bottle of ibuprofen just like a bad case of cramps.

It Won't Let You Sleep

Both your bro/sis and your period love spending time with you. No matter how badly you want to yell "leave me alone!" Sometimes it's best to find your zen with what is happening or try and ignore it. You can't always fight what's going on, but you can be prepared. Yes, your period sucks sometimes, but it clearly loves you, otherwise it wouldn't visit every month.

Make PMS as fun as possible by checking out the entire video here:

Images: BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube