The Best Tom Hiddleston Moments From The ‘Night Manager’ Sneak Peeks — VIDEO

Get ready, Hiddlestoners, because there is even more Tom Hiddleston to feast your eyes on these days. Two new sneak peeks were released on Wednesday from Hiddleston’s latest project, The Night Manager, a six-part miniseries in which the brooding British hunk stars, and they are absolutely to die for. Mainly because they feature Hiddleston prominently. And mostly close up. And can we all just take a minute to thank the AMC gods for it? Because there are so many good Tom Hiddleston moments in these sneak peeks.

These clips really show Tom Hiddleston to the nth degree, and that’s totally the best way to experience Tom. Just look at some of these moments that are so classically Tom: The way he moves in a scene, the way his face changes expression, the way his eyes tell the entire story. It’s enough to make me weak at the knees, and these clips definitely do just that. I can’t watch them without losing my balance in an all-out swoon.

So just trust me on this one. You’re going to want to revisit these moments again and again. Lucky for you, I’ve included screen captures and the videos themselves.

1. When He Looks All Broody

Which is just how I like him.

2. When The Camera Zooms In On Those Incredible Baby Blues

Hiddleston gives new definition to the phrase, “The camera loves you.”

3. That Quick Eye Twitch That Signals He’s Getting Serious

It’s a classic Tom move, and one of my favorites from these sneak peeks.

4. When He Lights That Cigarette Like A Boss

Listen, I never condone smoking, but Tom does do it especially well.

5. When He Is The Brightest Star In The Sky

No other can outshine him.

6. When He Smiles And It Warms My Bitter Heart

It’s so cold in this scene you can see Tom’s breath. Still, when he smiles like that, I forget what cold even is.

7. When He Denies He Has A Girlfriend

Such a classic Tom moment. Please. We all know what you’re doing there, Tom.

Now enjoy these classic Tom moments for yourself. Preferably on repeat, which is how Tom Hiddleston should always be played.

Image: AMC (8)