The One Thing You Should Know About Granny Panties

If you're a lazy girl, there's one thing you should know about granny panties. When it comes to our underwear drawer, there are many options we can tinker around with: You've got your string bikinis, your thongs, your boy shorts, and your high waist options. But if you're a lazy human like me, chances are you're going to want to opt for the comfiest option available: Your ginormous granny panties.

While they don't often pack too many surprises, granny panties don't have to be ugly! Bridget Jones made a pair of bloomers famous by lamenting over their scariness, and the general opinion of the style is what the name might suggest. "They're for grannies." Sure, you might not necessarily think the words “sexy” or “provocative” when you consider the tent-sized knickers tucked away into your undies drawer. But as with anything in fashion, there's more than one way to wear them. Plus, assuming "granny style" is doldrum is kind of ageist.

Sure, you can get a pair that's lacking in the style department if that's your jam. But you can just as easily find a lovely, lacy, get-these-pants-off-of-me cut that will be just as hot as any thong. And the best part? It'll still be hella comfy. Below are 11 hot pairs of granny panties that prove you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style.

1. The Panel Trend Pair

High Waist Fishnet Panty, $7.95,

Channel your inner Kardashian with a sheer-and-panel-coverage set of panties, striking the perfect amount of modesty and provocativeness.

2. The Floral Pair

"Charlotte" Floral High Waist Panties, $35,

Fancy a more traditionally girly type of underwear? Sweeten up your granny panties with delicate peonies and pastel floral prints, topped off with a cute little bow.

3. The Fake Thong Pair

Jaded London High Waist Knicker, $43.00,

Like the look of a thong but hate actually wearing one? No problem! You can solve the issue by getting sheer granny panties that have a thong-shaped panel. That way you have none of the discomfort but all of the hotness of the string panty. Genius.

4. The Lacy Pair

High Waist Luxury Panties, $34+,

Not all granny panties need to come in beige cotton. You can have a pair that's just as pretty and lacy as any bikini bottom you own. If anything, the extra material will give it a vintage, eye-catching silhouette.

5. The Pinup Sheer Pair

Ada Panties, $48.36,

Someone please try to tell me these aren't just as hot as cheeky briefs? For a pinup type of feel, go for a sheer pair of granny panties with ribbing on the side.

6. The Boy Shorts Pair

Floral Print Mesh Pair, $25,

Here's another crafty pair, much like the fake thong. If you don't necessarily love the cut of granny panties, you can always get a pair in a more modern shape with the help of mesh paneling, like bikini briefs or boy shorts.

7. The Candy Striper Pair

Cotton Pinstripe Panties, $32.50,

When you get panties with sweet accents like red piping or buttons going down the front, they'll instantly leave any old-fashioned territories.

8. The Cut-Out Pair

Luxury High Waist Panties, $34+,

Like the sheer panels, the cut-outs break up the shape of the traditional granny panty and make it feel more young and playful.

9. The Quirky Pair

Citrus Print Panties, $20,

Not into the frills and sheers, but love a good print? Then a citrus pair like this one with a cute peekaboo back might be right up your alley.

10. A No-Fuss Pair

Nina Shorty Panty, $30,

Not every day can be a parade of lacy, lingerie-like panties. For moments when you just want a casual pair underneath your jeans, try something like this: Simple, unassuming, but still fun to look at.

11. The Colorful Pair

"Raquel" Lace Briefs, $32.25,

Want to know a great way to get those beige Bridget Jones panties out of your head? Replace them with a vibrant pair. Why not aim for sherbet pops of red, sunny yellow, or hot pink?

See? Granny panties can be just as fun as any other underwear cut in your drawer. All it takes is some selective picking.

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Images: Courtesy Brands