Are Kanye, Future & Drake Making Music Together?

Kanye West's Twitter account has been the site of many a feud in recent times, alongside claims that he's $53 million in debt. While it can be tricky to differentiate fact from fiction when it comes to Kanye West, his tweets on Thursday have given us some very interesting information indeed. Namedropping fellow artists Drake and Future, Kanye West claims that both came round to work on new music with him, and that the public can expect their collaborations soon. According to West, "Drake would come by and just help, no strings. Future also came by to write. We all got new sh*t together that's gonna drop soon." Quite an exciting claim, I think you'll agree! So are Kanye West, Future, And Drake releasing a collaboration?

Kanye West certainly seems to think so. In another tweet on Thursday, West appeared to thank Drake for his contribution to new album The Life of Pablo, saying, "I wanna thank my brother Drizzy for helping me on 30 Hours & Father Stretch My Hands." It's nice to see Kanye West being polite on Twitter, instead of dissing other people. And West, Drake, and Future all appeared onstage at 107.9's Birthday Bash in Atlanta in June 2015, and both Drake and Future are credited on The Life Of Pablo , so more collaborations certainly aren't out of the question.

Kim Kardashian's husband is no stranger to dropping surprise tracks, and his claim that new music from the trio is "gonna drop soon" probably means we should all be on high alert, because this might not be a drill.

While we wait to find out if Drake and Future have recorded some not-so-secret tracks that didn't make it on to The Life of Pablo, it's worth keeping an eye on Kanye West's Twitter account because who knows what's going to happen next? No one could ever accuse the rapper and fashion designer of being boring, could they? And there could be even more surprise collaborations in the not too distant future.