If Hillary's Campaign Emails Were A Love Song

Between debate coverage, the caucuses, and political Twitter running amok, 'tis the season for presidential election sensory overload. If it seems like your web browser is brimming over with presidential campaign emails, then trust me, you are far from alone — which is exactly what inspired this latest Bustle video, "If Hillary's Campaign Emails Were A Love Song." Every single line from this song is a direct pull from the subject line of a Hillary Clinton campaign email, completely unaltered word-for-word and arranged into a song. Plot twist, America: if you add a melody to these subject lines in just the right order, it basically turns into the angsty acoustic love ballad of your dreams.

If you don't happen to be getting Hillary Clinton's campaign emails yourself, then allow me to explain — I often do double-takes at her subject lines, because sometimes they are so casual that I unconsciously assume they're from somebody I actually know. A few of them are delightfully vague ("One last time"), a few spark curiosity ("Wow wow wow"), and a few I genuinely thought were from my mother ("Quick question (have a second?)"). It's all very catchy and effective, really, because I am a chronic email ignorer and these subject lines always catch my eye. And then one day, I read one of these subject lines right next to another one and something in my brain just clicked.

See, like a lot of young women, I had a stint in Nashville trying to be a songwriter because I was (duh) going to become the next Taylor Swift. And while my songwriting ~dreams~ never came to fruition, Hillary Clinton's emails finally gave me the inspiration I needed to craft the ultimate Millennial narrative. I had all of these gloriously open-ended, conveniently rhyming subject lines at my disposal — now all it needed was a few chords and a melody, and thus, this Hillary Clinton campaign email love song was born.

Images: Bustle/YouTube