J.K. Rowling & Chamillionaire Bond On Twitter

By now, it's pretty much fact that J.K. Rowling is a straight-up Twitter boss. The Harry Potter author frequently uses social media to address HP fan theories, expand on the Harry Potter universe, and generally just be the all-around badass that she is. Case in point: In response to a Twitter troll, J.K. Rowling quoted Chamillionaire lyrics — you know, the "Ridin' Dirty" rapper — and it was so on-point that the rapper himself virtually tipped his hat to the author in respect, thus resulting in the most random and greatest Twitter exchange in all of Internet history.

To give a little background, this all started — randomly enough — when Rowling and Scottish Parliament member Natalie McGarry got into it on Twitter last month. McGarry accused the Harry Potter author of "defending abusive and misogynistic trolls" after Rowling tweeted an account under the name "Brian Spanner." (Spanner is "an anti-Scottish nationalist who had previously made offensive comments," the Telegraph reports) and praised him for helping out a hospital. McGarry eventually apologized and deleted the tweets after Rowling threatened to sue, but brought the whole sitch back up again on Wednesday, Feb. 17, apologizing again. It was then that one of McGarry's Twitter followers replied, "@NatalieMcGarry why apologise to her. She uses her obscene wealth & lawyer droids to threaten & bully. Tell the radge to bolt."

Rowling, in all of her wondrous glory and apparent knowledge of early 2000 rap lyrics, replied:

...Which really is the best pun for her name, TBH. While Rowling's reply was headline-worthy on its own, it was when Chamillionaire himself stepped in and added his two cents that really made the whole interaction something that will live on in Internet history forever. THIS IS WHY TWITTER WAS CREATED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

I mean, where else would you see the author of the Harry Potter franchise and the rapper who popularized the meme-friendly expression "tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty" Internet high-fiving each other and sending each other kissy face emojis? 2016 is the best. Plus, here is "Ridin'" for your listening pleasure, since this you know you're already singing this song in your head by now:

Someone set this to Harry Potter playing Quidditch on a broomstick.